2010/2011 Awards and Recognition

On July 8, 2011, the Paducah Police Department held its 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony to honor officers and civilians who have risen above their routine duties and responsibilities and provided exceptional service to the department and the citizens of Paducah.  Click Awards and Recognition Criteria for a list of the possible awards and the criteria used in judging.

For privacy, the names of victims and the names of the recipients of the Civilian Service Award have been omitted. 

Awards and Recognition Recipients for 2010/2011

Life Saving Award

Officer Michael Rigdon

On August 8, 2010, Officer Rigdon was dispatched to a report of a four-day-old infant who was choking and turning blue.  When Officer Rigdon arrived, a man handed him his infant daughter, Eastyn.  Officer Rigdon assessed the child and confirmed she was not breathing.  He held her face down and patted her back to clear her airway, and the baby began to cry.  Medics from Mercy Regional EMS transported the infant to the hospital, where Officer Rigdon checked on the family a few hours later.  That four-day-old infant’s parents, Jack and Lindsey Campbell, offered high praise for Officer Rigdon’s prompt action, his professionalism, and for his ability to calm them.  The Campbell's, including Eastyn, attended the July 2011 ceremony to thank Officer Rigdon again.

 Officers Chris Baxter and Kevin Collins
On September 26, 2010, officers were dispatched to a shooting at a home on Pines Road.  When they arrived, Officers Chris Baxter and Kevin Collins found a man with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  The man was not breathing, and the officers began CPR immediately.  Officers Baxter and Collins continued CPR until Mercy Regional EMS personnel arrived.  The victim was flown to an Evansville, Indiana hospital, where he later died.
 Officer Chris Bolton
On November 21, 2010, Officer Chris Bolton was dispatched to an accident with injuries on Alben Barkley Drive at Interstate 24.  Upon arrival, he found a man partially ejected from a car and suffering from a head injury.  Officer Bolton was unable to find a pulse, and the man was not breathing.  Recruit Officer Justin Hodges arrived and the two officers pulled the man from the car and placed him on the ground.  Officer Bolton began chest compressions, and the man began to gasp for air.  He kept the man’s airway open and monitored his condition until Paducah firefighters arrived and took over care of the victim. The man recovered from his injuries and returned to his home in Kansas.
 Officer Nathan Jaimet

On January 23, 2011, officers were dispatched to a home on McKinley Street where a man reportedly had cut his wrist.  Officer Nathan Jaimet was only one block away and arrived within seconds to find two people dragging the victim toward the street in an attempt to get help.  The victim was convulsing and Officer Jaimet held him while directing his wife to use a towel to apply direct pressure to the wound.  Sgt. Steve Smith got to the scene and assisted Officer Jaimet until firefighters and ambulance personnel arrived.  The victim was transported to Lourdes Hospital, where a physician told officers the man had severed an artery in his wrist.

 Officers Shawn Craven and Matthew Reed
On June 2, 2011, officers were dispatched to a home on Broadway where a man was threatening to commit suicide.  Officers Shawn Craven and Matthew Reed found the man hanging by a rope from the shower curtain rod.  The man was unconscious and turning blue.  Officer Craven held the man up while Officer Reed cut the rope.  The victim was revived without the need for CPR and was transported to Lourdes Hospital.  This is Officer Reed’s second Life-Saving Award. 
 Officers Anthony Hughes, Beau Green, and James Davis
On June 20, 2011, Officers Anthony Hughes, Beau Green and James Davis responded to a call of a man threatening suicide at an apartment on Broadway. The caller reported the man was hanging out of a fifth-floor window, and that she could not unlock the apartment door for police because she was holding the man’s legs, trying to keep him from falling. When the officers arrived, they kicked open the apartment door and dragged the man back into his apartment. This is Officer Davis’ second Life-Saving Award.

Chief's Award

Captain David White

Early in 2011, Captain David White accepted the responsibility for a complete re-design of the Paducah Police Department’s Annual Report.  He wrote the majority of the content of the report and designed the layout of most of the pages. In his nomination, Capt. Krueger stated, “…the end result is nothing but a great example of Captain White’s dedication, professionalism, (and) sincere appreciation for the men and women that work at the Paducah Police Department.” Krueger said Richard Hanzes, supervisor of the Leadership Development Section of the Kentucky Department of criminal Justice Training, called our 2010 Annual Report, “very interesting, informative and professionally presented,” and said he would like to use the report as an example of what can be done to showcase an agency and its personnel through an annual report.

Service Commendation

Officers James Davis and Brian Kopischke

On July 20, 2010, Officers Davis and Kopischke responded to an accident with injuries on Hinkleville Road at Olivet Church Road.  When they arrived, they found the driver of a motorcycle involved, lying on the roadway, unresponsive.  They began CPR on the man, but his injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead at the scene.  Although the officers’ actions did not prolong or save the man’s life, they did go “above and beyond” the call of duty.  As a result, they are being given the department’s Service Commendation.  This is the second Service Commendation for both.

Officer Brent Obermark  

On December 13, 2010, Officer Brent Obermark was dispatched to a call involving fraudulent use of a credit card.  Paducah Hydropower had sent an order to an address in South Carolina, then was informed by the credit card company that the card used to pay for the order had been reported stolen.  Officer Obermark contacted the police department in the city to which the order was shipped, and their detective division recovered all the merchandise sent by Paducah Hydropower – approximately $7,000 worth.  The following day, detectives in South Carolina returned to the scene and covered more property from several other companies.  It was determined that all of the items recovered had been purchased with a stolen credit card, and that they were to be shipped to the operators of a scam operating out of Canada.  This is Officer Obermark's second Service Commendation.

Officers Matthew Scheer, James Robbins, and Kevin Collins

On August 31, 2010, Officers Scheer, Robbins and Collins were dispatched to a home on Robinwood Drive, where an elderly man had been found at the bottom of his swimming pool.  Officers Robbins and Scheer removed their gun belts, boots, and vests and dove into the pool to attempt to bring the man to the surface.  After several attempts, Officer Robbins grabbed the man’s ankle and pulled him to the surface.  Officer Scheer assisted him in pulling the man to the shallow end of the pool, where Officer Collins and a firefighter pulled the man from the pool.  Despite their efforts, the man could not be resuscitated.  Although the officers’ actions did not prolong or save the man’s life, they did go “above and beyond” the call of duty.  As a result, they are being given the department’s Service Commendation.  This is the second Service Commendation for all three officers.

Safe Driving Award

The Safe Driving Award is a new award, approved this year by the Department’s Awards Committee.  It is designed to recognize officers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and judgment while driving a police vehicle by having no at-fault collisions, as determined by the Awards Committee, at five-year increments – five, 10, 15 and 20 years. 

Captain Mark Roberts and Records Manager Christie Hughes researched department records and compiled a list of 35 officers eligible for 5-, 10- and 15-year awards.

DUI Governor's Impaired Driving Enforcement Award

The Governor's Award is given to officers with high levels of DUI-related arrests across the Commonwealth.  Officer Nathan Jaimet was recognized as the 1st place recipient for Division 4, which is for law enforcement agencies of 51-150 officers. 

Special Recognition

The Paducah Police Department extended special recognition to Dr. Irvin Smith for his continued support of the Department's SWAT team and Bomb Squad as the tactical medical director.

The Department also extended a special thank you to Dr. Blane Grow, owner of Grow Air Park, for allowing use of his air strip for the Department's annual drivers training.