2011/2012 Awards and Recognition

On July 13, 2012, the Paducah Police Department held its 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony to honor officers and civilians who have risen above their routine duties and responsibilities and provided exceptional service to the department and the citizens of Paducah.  Click Awards and Recognition Criteria for a list of the possible awards and the criteria used in judging.

Awards and Recognition Recipients for 2011/2012

Life Saving Award

 Sgt. Kevin Neal and Officer Christopher Bolton (nominated by Officer Ryan Conn) 
On July 4, 2011, officers were dispatched to a reported shooting at Elmwood Court.  As officers arrived, they were told the shooter still was inside the apartment.  Sgt. Kevin Neal and Officer Christopher Bolton were two of the first officers on the scene.  They found a man, shot and heavily bleeding, lying in the doorway of the apartment.  They used cover from other officers and pulled the man from the doorway and around the corner of the building to a safe location. They then dragged the man more than 100 yards through the apartment complex to a “safe zone,” where ambulance personnel could begin treating the man’s injuries.  Sgt. Neal and Officer Bolton are being presented Lifesaving Awards.  This is Officer Bolton’s second Lifesaving Award.
 Officer Corey Willenborg (nominated by Sgt. Rob Hefner)
Officer Corey Willenborg responded on February 18, 2012, to an apartment fire on Marquess Drive.  Upon his arrival, he learned the resident still was inside.  Officer Willenborg could see fire in the living room but entered the apartment and assisted the resident to safety.  The resident was treated for smoke inhalation but suffered no further injury.  For his efforts, Officer Willenborg is receiving a Lifesaving Award.
 Officers Melissa Dillon and Beau Green (nominated by Officer Christopher Bolton)

On March 26, 2012, Officers Chris Bolton, Melissa Dillon and Beau Green and Recruit Officer Ryan Burrow responded to a report of an unconscious man at a home on North 25th Street.  When they arrived, they found the man on the floor, not breathing, and with no pulse.  Officers Dillon and Green began CPR immediately, while Officer Bolton and Recruit Officer Burrow moved furniture to provide them more room.  Officers Dillon and Green revived the man and monitored his condition until Paducah firefighters and Mercy Ambulance personnel arrived.  The man was taken to Western Baptist Hospital, where he was expected to make a full recovery.  Officers Dillon and Green are receiving Lifesaving Awards; this is Officer Green’s second award in this category.

 Officers Kevin Collins and Jason Hicks (nominated by Capt. Don Hodgson)
On June 6, 2012, officers Kevin Collins and Jason Hicks were dispatched to check the welfare of a resident of Ritz Apartments.  The gentleman’s mother told dispatchers that her son claimed to have taken a quantity of medication, and she feared he would hurt himself.  When the officers arrived, they heard only a faint response to their knocks on the apartment door.  A neighbor then told Officers Collins and Hicks that she had looked out her apartment window and saw the man on the ledge outside the window about to jump.  The officers kicked open the apartment door and rushed into the apartment.  They found the man on the ledge, grabbed him, and held him until Paducah Fire Department personnel dismantled the window, allowing the man to be brought inside the apartment to safety.  The man was taken to Lourdes Hospital for appropriate treatment.  Officers Collins and Hicks are receiving Lifesaving Awards; this is Officer Collins’ second award in this category.


Chief's Award

Officer Derik Perry (nominated by Sgt. Kevin Neal)
Since early 2011, Officer Derik Perry has devoted his personal time and resources to creating a physical fitness area on the PPD property so employees could work out and improve their physical fitness.  Officer Perry has put in countless hours, obtaining prices, purchasing equipment and supplies, and setting up the gym.  Additionally, he makes himself available to officers for guidance and training on overall health and fitness.  He has sent out a number of emails within the department with training and nutrition advice. Officer Perry leads by example and maintains “an exceptionally high degree of dedication … to fitness and strength.”  He is a Gracie jiu jitsu instructor and holds a black belt in the art.  Officer Perry is being awarded a Chief’s Award in recognition of his “dedication to self and duty.”


2011 Employee of the Year

Officer Nathan Jaimet (nominated by Capt. Brian Krueger)

Officer Nathan Jaimet was selected as the 2011 Employee of the Year.  He was nominated by Captain Brian Krueger with Capt. Krueger reporting, "At various times in 2011, I had the occasion to observe Officer Jaimet during the course of his duties.  On more than one occasion, Officer Jaimet demonstrated an exceptional understanding of criminal laws and procedures, and tactics, specifically those directly associated with anti-drug enforcement activities."  In total, Jaimet opened 183 cases in 2011, encompassing 301 total charges, including 67 drug offense charges, seven drug-trafficking charges, five weapons charges, and one manufacturing meth.  With a 79 percent clearance rate, Jaimet's arrests represented six percent of the overall arrests, department-wide.  Additionally, he was responsible for four percent of the department's overall traffic citations, charging 317 people with a total of 659 offenses.  Jaimet is also a winner of the Governor's Impaired Driving Enforcement Award for 2011.  Officer Jaimet was recognized as the first place recipient state-wide for Division 4, which is law enforcement agencies of 51-150 officers.


Service Commendation

 Officer James Davis (nominated by Sgt. Steve Smith)
On Sept. 25, 2011, Officer James Davis was driving in the area of California Court, searching for a man suspected of committing a murder that was being investigated by the Kentucky State Police in Fulton County.  Officer Davis spotted the suspect’s car and saw the suspect leaning into the car through the passenger side.  Officer Davis, unable to wait for back-up, decided to take action to prevent the suspect from making any aggressive moves or trying to flee and handcuffed the suspect without any incident.  As he was approaching, Officer Davis realized the suspect had been wiping down the interior of the car with a cleaning solution.  Officer Davis’ supervisors later learned from KSP detectives that they believed the murder victim was transported in that vehicle, then left for dead on the side of the road.  Officer Davis’ quick action preserved vital evidence in a murder investigation.   As a result, he is being given the department’s Service Commendation.  This is Officer Davis’ third Service Commendation.
 Officer Justin Canup and Det. Matthew Smith (nominated by Sgt. Steve Smith)
On Sept. 30, 2011, Officer Justin Canup took a report from an employee at Maplelawn Cemetery regarding the theft of several copper and brass grave marker vases.  Officer Canup followed up and found six of the vases had been sold at a local recycling business.  He obtained information about the suspects and their vehicle.  Det. Matthew Smith joined Canup in the investigation and located the vehicle.  Det. Smith followed the car into Illinois and witnessed the occupants taking several more vases from the trunk.  With the help of Illinois law enforcement officials, Det. Smith apprehended the suspects and recovered the stolen vases.  For their dogged investigation, Officer Canup and Det. Smith are being awarded a Service Commendation.   This is the second for both officers.
 Officer Corey Willenborg (nominated by Sgt. Joe Hayes)
On Nov. 7, 2011, Officer Corey Willenborg was dispatched to Cigarettes for Less on Cairo Road, which had just been robbed at gunpoint.  Officer Willenborg immediately reviewed the store’s surveillance video and provided a description of the suspect to other officers. The following day, Officer Willenborg was assisting on another call when he spotted a teenager walking down the street, wearing the same clothing as the robber on the surveillance video.  The information was passed along to investigators, who obtained a confession to the robbery from the teenager.  Officer Willenborg is being given the department’s Service Commendation, his second.

Safe Driving Award

The Safe Driving Award was approved last year by the Department’s Awards Committee. It is designed to recognize officers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and judgment while driving a police vehicle by having no at-fault collisions, as determined by the Awards Committee, at five-year increments – five, 10, 15 and 20 years.  Capt. Mark Roberts researched department records and compiled a list of officers eligible for 5- and 10-year awards with presentations at the awards ceremony.

For this awards year, 5-year pins were awarded to Assistant Chief Brandon Barnhill, Sgt. Wes Kimbler, Sgt. Robert Hefner, Officer Lofton Rowley, and Officer Michael Rigdon.  A 10-year pin was awarded to Officer Mike Wentworth.

Governor's Occupant Protection Enforcement Award 

Officer Melissa Dillon

Paducah Police Officer Melissa Dillon was honored July 26, 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky during the annual Governor's Occupant Protection Enforcement Awards Ceremony.  Dillon issued the second-highest number of seat belt violation citations in her division.  Divisions are determined by department size.  Dillon issued 858 seat belt/child restraint/booster seat citations during the counting period, June 16, 2011 – June 15, 2012.  In all, Paducah Police Department officers issued 3,327 citations for those offenses during the counting period.

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