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Break a Sweat is a wellness and fitness program hosted and produced by personal trainer Richard Abraham.



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January 2016:  Break a Sweat: Body Weight Circuit  Abraham demonstrates a circuit using only your body weight.  He then takes it to the floor for a core workout.  23 minutes

September 2015:  Break a Sweat: Sandbag Circuit and Fruit Salad  Abraham works through a circuit of deadlifts, power clings, squats, and overhead presses using a sandbag. Then, he heads into the kitchen to make a fruit salad with crab meat.  24 minutes

July 2015:  Break a Sweat: Exercise Bands and Guacamole   Abraham demonstrates exercises using an elastic exercise band. Then, he heads into the kitchen to make guacamole.  22 minutes

August 2014:  Break a Sweat: Improving Flexibility    Abraham demonstrates several stretches and strength exercises to improve flexibility.  20 minutes

June 2014:  Break a Sweat: Chair Circuit  Abraham shows viewers a series of exercises that can be completed while sitting in a chair.  21 minutes     News Release >>

September 2011:  Break a Sweat-Core:  Part 1 >>     Part 2 >>  Abraham focuses on core strengthening.  He also interviews special guest Cindy Medford, the founder of the Paducah Iron Mom Half Marathon. 25 minutes; posted 9-15-11     News Release >>

April 2011:  Break a Sweat Episode 2  Abraham focuses on strengthening the shoulders and arms.  24 minutes; posted 4-29-11     News Release >> 

March 2011:  Break A Sweat   Abraham introduces viewers to the the program's first episode.  Abraham demonstrates proper form in various exercises.  10 minutes; posted 3-3-11     News Release >>