File a Complaint

Filing a Complaint through the Paducah Human Rights Commission

Righting a human rights wrong requires gathering in-depth details of the discriminatory incident, comprehensive investigation, and closure.  Click Basic Intake Process for details of how a complaint will be filed and handled. 

If your rights have been violated in the areas of housing, employment, and public accommodation, here's what you need to do and what you can expect:  

  1. Call the Human Rights Commission within 180 days of the incident.  The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help.
  2. We will talk with you about the incident and determine if you have suffered a human rights violation Commission's jurisdiction or authority.  If so, the staff will ask you to come to City Hall and complete a complaint form.
  3. In the complaint form, please provide specific details about the incident. This form is critical in helping us help you.
  4. We will conduct an investigation of your complaint, which may include interviewing witnesses and visiting the scene of the incident.
  5. If the investigation does not support the complaint, we'll notify you in writing.
  6. If discrimination may have occurred, we'll arrange a confidential meeting with you and those responsible in an effort to work out a satisfactory resolution of the complaint.
  7. If a resolution isn't reached, the Commission will schedule a public hearing for your complaint.
  8. Based on the evidence, the Commission will either sustain or dismiss the complaint.  If the complaint is sustained, those responsible for the discrimination are ordered to cease and desist and to take other steps to eliminate the discriminatory practice.  Proof of compliance with the Commission's cease and desist order is required.

Remember: You are protected in your right to file a complaint.  It is unlawful for any person to retaliate or discriminate against anyone who has made a charge, filed a complaint, acted as a witness, or been assisted by the Human Rights Commission.