Home Ownership Option

About the Home Ownership Option

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development has instituted regulations that allow Section 8 Agencies to assist families to purchase a home utilizing tenant based voucher payments as a supplement to owner qualified mortgage payments.  Paducah has opted to offer a homeownership option to up 50 qualified Section 8 participants who wish to become homeowners.  Current Section 8 homeownership participants are eligible to select any qualified home on the open market as long as the purchase price is within reasonable mortgage criteria according to income. 

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 Application & Purchase Steps

  • Complete pre-application form and return to Section 8 Office 
  • Notification will be sent for you to attend mandatory housing counseling
  • Counseling assessment will determine eligibility
  • Credit-worthy applicants will choose and apply at bank or mortgage company for mortgage pre-approval
  • After mortgage pre-approval, applicant searches for home using approved amount and calculated Section 8 voucher assistance amount
  • Home inspected by Section 8 and independent inspection service
  • Mortgage prepared; homeowner pays mortgage approval amount, Section 8 pays voucher payment to 2nd mortgage holder for maximum 15 years (no limit if disabled or elderly)
  • Yearly Section 8 inspections and re-verification of income mandatory

Participant Qualifications

  • Must be an active City of Paducah Section 8 participant for at least 12 months in good standing 
  • Must be "first time homeowner" in which no family member has any ownership interest in a residence within last three years
  • Must attend and complete homeownership counseling program
  • Head of household and/or co-head must be currently and continuously employed for one year on a full time basis (over 30 hours per week with at least $13,500 in annual total salary) unless disabled or elderly
  • Families must pay for independent inspection and contribute at least 2% of purchase price as down-payment (down-payment may be available)
The City of Paducah adheres to HUD's Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity laws.