Investment Fund

About the Investment Fund

The City of Paducah levies a tax of 2.0% called the Occupational License Fee, also known as the Payroll Tax. It's a tax paid by people who work within the City of Paducah. In other words for every $1.00 that is earned, $0.02 is paid to the City of Paducah. The Payroll Tax is the largest revenue source for the City. Three-quarters of the Payroll Tax is placed into the General Fund. The remaining quarter is placed into the Investment Fund. The Investment Fund is dedicated to the following expenditures: economic development, neighborhood redevelopment, infrastructure capital investment, and property tax relief.

The anticipated revenue from the Payroll Tax for Fiscal Year 2021 for the General Fund is approximately $14.4 million with the revenue for the Investment Fund equal to $4.8 million (a quarter of the total Payroll Tax collected which is projected to be approximately $19.2 million).

Investment Fund Scorecard (FY 2006 - FY 2019)

Below are links to annual summaries of Investment Fund expenditures.  The first document is the quick fiscal summary.  The second document provides additional fiscal details.  

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal 2019 Summary
Fiscal 2019 Details

Fiscal Year 2018

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Fiscal Year 2017

Fiscal 2017 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal 2016 Summary
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Detailed 2016 Explanations

Fiscal Year 2015

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Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal 2014 Summary

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Fiscal Year 2013

Fiscal 2013 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2012

Fiscal 2012 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2011

Fiscal 2011 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2010

Fiscal 2010 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2009

Fiscal 2009 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2008

Fiscal 2008 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2007

Fiscal 2007 Summary
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Fiscal Year 2006

Fiscal 2006 Summary
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