City Commission Meeting Highlights, March 21, 2017

Amend Ordinance to Allow Microbreweries to Sell on Sundays

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance to amend Chapter 6, Alcoholic Beverages of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.  The amendment allows microbreweries with the appropriate licenses to sell malt beverages by the drink and package on Sundays from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.


911 Communications Services Department Presentation

911 Communications Services Department Director Ed McManus updated the Paducah Board of Commissioners regarding the Department’s activities since he became director in October 2016.  When McManus first started with the 911 Center, he surveyed employees and the agencies that have user contracts and direct interaction with the Department.  The user group surveys are posted on the City’s website,   He also held one-on-one meetings with the employees and user agency directors.  Since receiving the feedback, he has been working on increasing employee recognition opportunities, empowering supervisors, and researching career development avenues.  A Paducah 911 Facebook page also has been created with the purposes of employee recognition and agency promotion.  McManus spoke positively about the Department’s employees.  He said, “They pull together and work hard.  They are focused and want to be the best agency we can.”  McManus is working with the Engineering-Public Works Department in looking at having windows installed in the building since the 911 Center is in a windowless section of the building.  McManus also said the first quarterly meeting of the user group was held March 3.  The purpose of the quarterly meetings is to discuss strategic issues and matters of mutual interest and concern.  McManus also updated the Board on the work with Federal Engineering regarding the CAD, Telephony, and Radio project which is expected to be completed in two phases.  Phase I will involve the CAD and Telephony projects.  He expects the first phase project to be out to bid in the next one to two months.


Quick Highlights

  • Municipal orders approved for the Section 8 Housing Program including the annual Administrative Plan and the adoption of revisions to the Section 8 Housing Utility Allowances.  The utility allowance revisions are effective May 1.  To reflect current anticipated costs, the percent of rate change as compared to 2016 allowances are as follows:  sewer (16% increase), water (0.7% increase), natural gas (14% increase), propane (17.64% increase), and electricity (1.35% decrease).
  • City Manager Jeff Pederson says a meeting will be held this week with Freedom Waste Services regarding the condition of the recycling drop-off location at 400 State Street.  Citizens have voiced concerns about the confusing signage and the condition of the location.
  • Crews will begin this week the process of preparing the curbs and the roadway areas near the intersection of Broadway and Lone Oak Road for the markings that will limit some of the on-street parking.  Some vehicles are parking very close to the driveway entrances to businesses creating safety concerns due to limited sight lines. 
  • Work is underway on Campbell Street between North 6th and North 8th Streets.  Also, a sidewalk is being constructed for people to navigate easier (and safer) between the Expo Center and the Dome.  This sidewalk will be beneficial for citizens walking on the Greenway Trail and then returning to the adjacent neighborhoods.