Riverfront Project Construction Video - September 2016

This is aerial footage of the Riverfront Redevelopment Project taken in mid-September 2016 (scroll to the bottom of the page for the video).  It shows the base of the large park, the revetment (stone steps), and the pilings for the gangway and transient dock which will arrive in November 2016. Thank you to Bacon, Farmer, Workman Engineering and Testing for providing the video.  


This is a view of Paducah’s riverfront, not often seen.  Bacon, Farmer, Workman Engineering and Testing provided a drone for this bird’s eye view of the Riverfront Redevelopment Project.  This video was taken in mid-September 2016 when the river was at unusually low levels.  Those low levels allow us to see the great expanse of the project. 

The footprint of the park project is more than six acres, but since it must have a greater base than top, the usable area will be smaller but still quite impressive at more than 3 acres.  Paducah has created acreage-acreage that will be a beautiful park setting with a grassy surface when finished. 

In this video you can see a section of large steps, called a revetment.  These large steps allow you to get close to one of Paducah’s greatest assets, the Ohio River.  You can sit on the steps and fish, have a picnic, or sit with a group of friends and solve life’s problems.  Notice the sidewalk that links the steps that bring you to the revetment.  Eventually, the greenway trail and additional walkways will be incorporated into the park.  The construction of those two elements will more than likely happen in 2018 due to the grant process.

When you look just downstream of the park and revetment, you see large pilings sticking out of the water.  The three groupings of four pilings are for the large gangway, a walkway.  The pilings that are in a line parallel to the riverbank are for the transient dock.  These pilings allow the gangway and transient dock to rise and fall with the Ohio River which is a challenge since the Ohio River at Paducah can fluctuate more than 30 feet in a given year. 

The gangway and 20-foot wide transient dock will be ready for use in 2017.  The public will be able to enjoy a new connection to the Ohio River while providing a new way to visit Paducah.  Since boaters will be able to dock for an extended period of time, get fuel, power, and other necessary utilities, Paducah will be a destination for boaters who want to spend a few days enjoying Paducah’s amenities.

Now when you look at this video, I want you to think about the word, potential.  The developer of the Holiday Inn Paducah Riverfront understands that word.  You can see the hotel under construction near the Convention Center.  But you also see the great space that has great potential along the riverfront.  With the removal of the former Executive Inn hotel and a former nursing home, Paducah has created a blank slate, ready for potential. 

With a new hotel, a new park along the riverfront, thousands of square feet in convention space, a busy downtown with great stores, restaurants, and museums, be proud of this river city.  And remember this video.  It shows careful planning, construction, commitment, and potential.  Let’s all look forward to Paducah’s bright future.  Soon, we’ll be able to sit on the steps of the revetment to celebrate our success and think of ways to make Paducah an even greater place.  

Riverfront Project Construction - September 2016