Mayor Brandi Harless Asks for City Manager’s Resignation

Date of release:  November 11, 2017

After a closed session at last night’s meeting of the Paducah Board of Commissioners, Mayor Brandi Harless asked City Manager Jeff Pederson to submit his letter of resignation based on her belief that a majority of the City Commission feels the same. 

“After listening to the comments of my colleagues, I have informed the City Manager that it is my opinion as Mayor that his resignation would be in the best interest of all concerned,” says Mayor Harless. 

“Much has been accomplished in seven years because of the efforts of the City Manager and past Commissions, and for that, I am thankful.”

Pederson informed the Mayor verbally that he will resign. 

Pederson says, “I consider it a privilege to have served Paducah as City Manager and to have led this organization for the past seven years.  It has been an honor to work with such an impressive group of professional employees who share my calling for public service and organizational advancement.  Furthermore, I am proud to see around the community the various public projects that I helped initiate and guide.  I will always cherish my seven years in this amazing city.”

Pederson has agreed to continue as City Manager through January 12, 2018, to assist the City of Paducah during this transition position.

Mayor Harless says, “I’m dedicated to a quick and effective search and hiring of a new city manager. Next week, Commissioners, City Manager Pederson, and staff will participate in a strategic planning process to identify more clearly the goals of this Commission which will help clearly lay out the characteristics we will be looking for in our next city manager.”

“While we are pleased with much that has been done, we are, nonetheless, excited about embracing new ideas and pursuing new opportunities. Sometimes, in public life, as in many other places, a change in leadership can produce astonishing results.”

Upon receiving the official resignation letter from Pederson, the Paducah Board of Commissioners will take final action at an upcoming meeting.

Pederson began his employment as Paducah’s City Manager in December 2010.