Northside Residential District

About the Northside Neighborhood

The City of Paducah is studying the history of the Northside neighborhood and its architecture.  The project will result in the nomination of the neighborhood to the National Register of Historic Places.  Achieving this listing would be beneficial to property owners since they will be able to seek state and federal tax credits for building rehabilitations.

The Northside Residential District consists of more than 450 buildings within an area generally between Park Avenue, North 10th Street, Palm Street, and North 14th Street. 

Northside Neighborhood Map

Senior Planner Josh Sommer with the Paducah Planning Department is coordinating the project.  Sommer said, “Paducah has a rich architectural heritage which has resulted in several neighborhoods being listed on the National Register of Historic Places including the Downtown Commercial District, the Lower Town Neighborhood District, and the Jefferson Street-Fountain Avenue District.  The Northside neighborhood is largely a structurally intact neighborhood.  It’s a neighborhood where residents choose to live their entire lives.  Generations of Paducahans have seen the historical value of this neighborhood added to the City as a whole.”

Nomination Process and Timeline

  • Kickoff - This study kicked off January 19, 2021, with a virtual public meeting for those interested in the study along with Planning Department staff, historic preservation consultant David Taylor, and Kentucky Heritage Council representatives.  
  • Neighborhood Visits, March 2021 - Historic preservation consultant, David Taylor, visited the Neighborhood during the week of March 15 to collect neighborhood survey data and property images and confirm the project boundaries.  A total of 479 digital images were taken, and more than 200 draft survey forms have been completed.
  • Data Due, May 2021 - By May 1, all of the neighborhood survey data forms are due to the Kentucky Heritage Council.
  • Nomination Draft, July 2021 - The initial draft of the nomination for the National Registry of Historic Places is due July 2, 2021.
  • Final Draft, August 2021 - The final nomination packet is due to the Kentucky Heritage Council on August 20, 2021.
  • Public Meeting, October 2021 - In mid-October, the Kentucky Heritage Council will hold a public meeting, preferably in the neighborhood, to inform owners and residents about the Certified Local Government process, the nomination details, and the tax credit benefit.
  • Public Hearing, October 2021 - The City of Paducah's Historic Architecture Review Commission (HARC) will hold a public hearing and will vote to determine the eligibility of the district to the National Register.  The results of the vote will be sent to the Kentucky Heritage Council. 
  • Review Board, November 2021 - The Kentucky Heritage Preservation Review Board will meet on November 9, 2021, to determine if the Northside District is eligible.  If approved, the nomination will be forwarded to the National Park Service for consideration. 
  • Final Step - Once the National Park Service receives the nomination, the agency has 45 days to act upon it. 

Preservation Partners 

David Taylor, a historic preservation consultant with more than forty years of experience, is assisting the Planning Department in the nomination of the Northside neighborhood.  Taylor received his master’s degree from Western Kentucky University and has undertaken an array of historic preservation projects.  In Kentucky alone, he has prepared more than twenty nominations to the National Register for historic districts and individual buildings and has conducted a variety of historic architectural studies in both rural and urban settings.

After reviewing the Northside neighborhood, Taylor said, “This is a remarkably intact neighborhood.  The building stock ranges from Bungalows from the 1920s and earlier to Minimal Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, and Ranch-style homes.  It is a well-cared-for neighborhood that certainly reflects the care that its residents take to preserve its character.”

This initiative is funded in part by a grant to the City from the Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC).  The KHC oversees and advocates for the documentation and preservation of Kentucky’s breadth of historic architectural and archaeological resources across the state’s 120 counties.

Northside Neighborhood map