Parks FAQs

What are your Office Hours? 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Where are Paducah's parks located? Click Parks and Facilities for more information.  Each park operated and maintained by the City of Paducah is listed. Some maps are included. Carson Park is maintained by McCracken County (call 270-444-4744).

Our group wants to have an event at Noble Park, what do we need to do? Click Shelter and Facility Reservations for more information. Shelter rentals must be made a minimum of a week in advance. If you are planning an event that will restrict usage of the park to the public, a permit must be requested and issued. Any shelter not reserved as a rental is on a first come-first serve basis. Call 270-444-8508 for details.

How do I register for a program? There are three ways to register: 1) at the Parks Office located at 1400 H.C. Mathis Drive, 2) by mailing in a registration form along with your payment, and 3) online. Registrations may be taken over the phone with a debit/credit card or a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Visit Program Registration for more details.

I registered for a program, but I need a refund. How do I get one? Refunds requested by the participant after the start of a class will be prorated in all cases. An administrative fee of $5 for classes costing $25 or less and $10 for classes costing $25 or more will be charged for refund requests. The administrative fees may be waived if the refund request is due to an unplanned medical condition or illness. Any refund given for a class cancelled by Paducah Parks will be given in full. All refunds will be mailed to the person/group who paid the initial registration in the form of a check.

I saw something at a city park that was missing, damaged, vandalized, etc. What do I do now? You can report these incidents to the Paducah Parks & Recreation Department Office at 270-444-8508.  In the event of a severely dangerous situation or medical emergency, call 911.  Injured, dead, or dangerous animal complaints should be directed to the animal control officer at 270-444-8550.

I lost something at a city park. What do I do? Personal items found in city parks are turned in to the Paducah Parks & Recreation Department Offices, and can be claimed by calling 270-444-8508. Items not claimed after 60 days may be discarded.

How can I find out about programs and activities? Seasonal program brochures are found on this website and as inserts in the Paducah Sun newspaper. You can also view all our programs by logging in as a guest at the online registration page.

When are city parks open to the public? Most parks are open from dawn to dusk. Gated City parks are officially open from 8 am. to 10 p.m. City parks may be closed in the event of heavy snowfall or severe weather.

How do I check to see if a program is cancelled? Paducah Parks & Recreation activities are canceled when the Paducah City School System is closed due to weather. The most recent cancellations are recorded at 270-444-8621. Information is also available on this website and on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

I have an idea for a new class, activity, program. Who do I contact?  The Paducah Parks & Recreation Department always is looking for new instructors or ways to offer new programs to the community. Your input is appreciated. Call 270-444-8508 or click Parks Department Staff to email a staff member.

Can I fish at the Noble Park Lake? Yes, fishing is allowed at the Noble Park Lake. All fishing is at your own risk. Anyone who fishes at the Noble Park Lake must have a valid Kentucky fishing license. All fishing in Noble Park Lake must follow Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife rules which are posted at the lake.

How do I get electrical power at the shelter I reserved? Some green electrical boxes in city parks are available to rent.  $30 per day per box will allow access to the electrical boxes. There are 110v and 220v plugs in the boxes. Noble Park boxes are marked with letters to easily describe them. These boxes are normally locked. Call Paducah Parks at 270-444-8508 for details. Paducah Power can set temporary power poles for large power needs for a fee. Call 270-575-4000 for Paducah Power. Visit Shelter and Facility Reservations for details.