Plans and Special Projects

Comprehensive Plan

In 2007, the City of Paducah completed a major update of the Comprehensive Plan. This plan is a document required by Kentucky state law.  It serves as a road map for the future of the community and should guide decisions on all levels of government.  Click on Comprehensive Plan to download the plan and to read the amended goals and objectives approved by the Paducah Planning Commission in June 2012.  On October 20, 2009, the Sidewalk Plan was presented to the City Commission. 

Downtown Hotel Project Next to Convention Centers

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Holiday Inn Paducah Riverfront was held Monday, October 19, 2015 at 11 a.m. at the hotel site (600 North 4th Street). Site work for the hotel also began on that date. On July 23, 2015, the City of Paducah held a news conference at City Hall to introduce LinGate Hospitality. LinGate Hospitality CEO and Founder Glenn Higdon and Vice President of Administration and Marketing Claude Bacon were in attendance. LinGate Hospitality has extensive experience building and managing hotels including the new Holiday Inn that opened in Spring 2015 on the riverfront in Owensboro, Kentucky.  For more information about the project including the development agreement, partners, timeline, costs, frequently asked questions, and background, visit Downtown Hotel Project.

Economic Development

The City of Paducah assists with various economic development projects.  Economic development in this sense includes governmental, industrial, commercial, or residential properties.  We provide support to sister agencies such as Greater Paducah Economic Development,   EntrePaducah,   Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce, or individual developers.  Assistance could be in form of mapping, planning and zoning research, development incentives, or any other need a client may have.  For government-related projects, assistance is provided with grant writing, site layout, or possible property acquisition.

Property Acquisition:  From time to time there arises a need for property acquisition.  There are generally two types: eminent domain for public purposes or voluntary sale of real estate.  Eminent domain is used in cases such as acquiring property to make a public green way (hike and bike path) connection or other public project purpose.  Acquisition by voluntary sale is usually done through the Urban Renewal and Community Development Board.  In these cases, the city contacts the property owner and negotiates a sale price just as you would a normal person-to-person private sale.  An example of this type of acquisition would be what has taken place in the LowerTown area.

Floodwall Rehabilitation

The City of Paducah operates and maintains the concrete and earthen levee system that extends 12.2 miles (9.2 miles of earthen levee and 3.0 miles of concrete).  The system includes 12 pump stations and several pipe gates, pipes, and vehicular openings.  The floodwall was constructed between August 1939 and July 1949.  The City took over operation and maintenance of the floodwall from the Corps of Engineers in 1950.  The floodwall provides a level of protection equal to the record 1937 flood plus three feet.  The floodwall protects and minimizes the flood risk for 11,000 acres and more than 20,000 people.  Currently, the City and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been working together to design the rehabilitation projects for the floodwall to improve the reliability and restore the system's performance.  For the latest information, visit Floodwall Rehabilitation.

Government Reorganization Study

The Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce started a 12-member task force in 2004 to study reorganizing and unifying the governments of Paducah-McCracken County.  The results of the study were presented in July 2008.  Click News Release for a summary of the report.  Click Government Reorganization to view the task force's report.

LowerTown Plan

This is an international award winning neighborhood plan that has received many accolades for its content as well as the innovative tool called the Paducah Artist Relocation Program.  Click LowerTown Artist Relocation Program for a copy of the plan or find out more information.   

Olivet Church Road Project

The City of Paducah, McCracken County, and the State of Kentucky are working together to make major improvements along Olivet Church Road (KY 998).  Increased traffic and and new developments around the Kentucky Oaks Mall have created the need for road improvements and access along and near Olivet Church Road.  For more information, click Olivet Church Road Project.

Parks Master Plan - Indoor Recreation and Aquatic Center

To read the plan, click Parks Master Plan.  Visit Indoor Recreation and Aquatic Center to learn about the design of the facility.

Renaissance Area Master Plan

In 2010, the Paducah Riverfront Development Authority engaged a multi-disciplinary planning, design, and market assessment team to develop the Renaissance Area Master Plan (RAMP) for downtown Paducah.  The RAMP was funded by a 2009 Preserve America grant through the National Park Service that included a match from the City of Paducah.  This initiative - covering the historic downtown core, the riverfront, and LowerTown - was designed with its primary mission to better link these three areas, in order to improve the market for each. The PRDA stressed this in its major outcome of the RAMP: "It is important to the City to create a way for cultural and natural heritage tourists to be able to reach these three areas without interruption in order to be able to have a pleasant experience viewing and interacting with Paducah’s cultural and natural localities." The RAMP is a comprehensive document that will be used as guidance for years to come. It was adopted by PRDA on March 20, 2012. The Paducah City Commission adopted a resolution accepting the plan on April 23, 2013. As stated in the resolution, the plan shall be used to guide development and make capital improvements. Every action item within the plan will require separate and specific implementation strategies by the City of Paducah, its agencies, and others. Approval of the resolution does not obligate the city to implement every action item proposed in the document. The city should remain opportunistic and react to proposals as resources become available.  To read the entire RAMP, click Renaissance Area Master Plan. After input from the Paducah Planning Commission and Paducah Renaissance Alliance, seven pages of RAMP Amendments have been compiled.

Riverfront Master Plan

Redevelopment of Paducah's riverfront is a high priority of the City Commission.  The City has completed the Riverfront Master Plan and is now beginning the construction phases.  Construction of a new boat ramp off 6th and Burnett Streets and the expansion of a land mass into the Ohio River began in the summer of 2013.  The construction of a transient docking facility will be in 2015-2016.   Visit Riverfront Master Plan to learn more about the project.  

Strategic Plan  

Strategic Plan for Paducah provides an Executive Summary of the Guiding Principles, Goals and Objectives, Vision, and Mission approved by the City Commission.  

Transportation Planning

In 2002, Paducah/McCracken county completed the Paducah/McCracken County Transportation Study compiled by Jordan, Jones, & Goulding.  Click Transportation Plan to learn more.

The state of Kentucky has a uniform planning process for transportation projects that consists of the 6-year Plan and the Unscheduled Projects List.  The planning documents are administered by regional planning agencies called Area Development Districts.  Paducah is part of the Purchase Area Development District (PADD).