Ordinance and Purpose

The Paducah Board of Commissioners has enacted Land Subdivision Regulations, Chapter 102 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances which work to provide for the harmonious development of the City of Paducah in the following manners: 

  • To provide adequate public open spaces, utility services, public facilities and proper arrangement of roads in relation to the City of Paducah Comprehensive Plan;
  • To provide economy in governmental expenditure and to ensure allocation of costs of improvements most equitably between residents by the needed areas and the taxpayer of the City as a whole;
  • To ensure that proper land surveys and records of land titles are prepared and recorded;
  • To encourage coordination of land development with orderly physical patterns in accordance with policies as may have been or may be adopted by the City Commission.

Subdivision Definition 

The City of Paducah defines a subdivision as a division of real property, improved or unimproved, or portion thereof shown on the last preceding tax roll as a unit or as contiguous units, into two or more parcels, lots, sites or other division of land, with or without streets, for the purpose of immediate or future sale, transfer of ownership, or building development.

Subdivision Process 

This section details and outlines the City's subdivision review process, including review by Department staff, their concerns and the schedules and timetables within the review process.  There are two types of subdivision processes.  Minor subdivisions are generally four or less lots with no public dedications and is generally a shorter process.  Major subdivision are generally five or more lots and/or subdivisions with public dedications that will require City Commission acceptance.  Click Subdivision Process for more information.