Commission Priorities - Strategic Plan

Commission Priorities Reports

After holding a strategic planning meeting in early February 2021, the Paducah Board of Commissioners adopted 12 priority action items in March 2021.  Below are the initial document, quarterly reports, and the 2021 Annual Report.

Commission Priorities 2021 Annual Report (released January 2022)
Commission Priorities Update (October 2021)
Commission Priorities Update (July 2021)
Commission Priorities Update (April 2021)
Commission Priorities Document (adopted March 2021)


Priority Action Items

911911 Radio/Tower Upgrades and Operational Funding

Clearly established partnership agreement with McCracken County to create a sustainable revenue source to cover both operational funding and requisite infrastructure improvements. 

minority inclusionMinority Inclusion

Intentional minority inclusion in City employment, committees, and boards. 



Concentrated effort to support, enhance, celebrate, and improve our thriving downtown community.



Further investigate the implementation of a stormwater master plan. 


southsideSouthside Enhancements

Targeted empowerment, engagement, and beautification of Southside neighborhoods. 


sportsOutdoor Sports Facilities - Bluegrass Downs and Stuart Nelson Park

Partner with McCracken County and the McCracken Sports Tourism Commission in the design and construction of the outdoor recreational facilities.


remote workerRemote Workers Incentive Program

Create and implement an effective incentive program.


communicationsCommunications Enhancement

Effectively reach all segments of our community. 


city facilitiesCity Facilities

Implement action items identified in the facilities maintenance plan. 


facilitiesPlan for Parks & Recreation Building and Fire Station #4

Identify a replacement/relocation plan for Fire Station 4 and Parks and Recreation Facility.



Continued investment in the improvement of our housing stock.


annexationAnnexation/Planned Growth 

Proactively annex adjacent properties into city corporate boundaries.



2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Key Performance Areas 

Each objective in the City of Paducah Strategic Plan is related to one of the following Key Performance Areas:  

  • Public Safety
  • Develop healthy and sustainable neighborhoods
  • Maintain thoughtful and modern infrastructure
  • Provide open, smart, and engaged government
  • Creative Industries
  • Empower upward economic mobility for all
  • Recreation and Wellbeing
  • Celebrate a diverse community

Reports and Updates

Action items:  What's Important Now (WIN) Initiatives - Continuous Improvement Initiatives -  What's Important Later (WIL) Initiatives

Strategic Plan Annual Report for 2020
OurPaducah Strategic Plan Informational Book (2020)
Strategic Plan Report (January-September 2020)
July 2020 - 2020 Strategic Plan Report
Strategic Plan Annual Report for 2019
November 2019 WIN Update
October 2019 WIN Update
September 2019 WIN Update
August 2019 WIN Update
July 2019 WIN Update
July 2019 - Midyear Report for 2019
May 2019 WIN Update
April 2019 WIN Update
March 2019 WIN Update
Key Performance Areas and Action Items (as adopted February 2019)
January 2019 Action Items Update
December 2018 Action Items Update
November 2018 Action Items Update
October 2018 Action Items Update

Key Vision Areas

Our Paducah - Key Visions