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After the closing date of a bid, City staff reviews each bid in order to make a recommendation to the City Commission.  Visit Bid Results and Tabulations for further information.


Active Requests for Bids or Proposals

Request for Proposals for Transfer of Property at 603 and 605 South 8th Street

The City of Paducah, Kentucky is requesting sealed proposals for the purchase and transfer of property at 603 and 605 South 8th Street.

Transfer of surplus property will be based on the best-evaluated future use of the property-25%, highest bid-25%, proposed reinvestment-25%, and compliance with applicable codes-25%. To be considered for these properties bidders must be current on City taxes and have no existing liens on any property currently owned in the City of Paducah.  Only bids for rehab of structures that meet minimum building code requirements will be considered. 

Proposed bids must be sealed, the words “Sealed Bid” written on the outside of the envelope, and include the following:

  • Purchase price offer for the property of at least $325.00 per lot.
  • Statement describing the intended use of the property and improvements to be made.
  • Commitment to the date in which those improvements will be completed.
  • Commitment to establish and maintain appropriate groundcover and at least one tree on the site.
  • Name, address, and other contact information of person making the bid.

All such sealed proposals should be submitted to the Planning Department prior to 9 a.m., local time on June 25, 2018.  All proposals will be opened on June 25, 2018 at 9 a.m. in the City of Paducah Commission Chambers. 

Additional Information for 603 and 605 South 8th Street and Submittal Form >>

Use of the form is not mandatory.  The City of Paducah reserve the right to reject any or all proposals submitted.