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Communication is critical to your project's success.  Call 270-444-8527.  The Fire Prevention office is located on the first floor of City Hall, 300 South 5th Street.

The number one stimulator of the economy is construction. The Fire Prevention Division of the Paducah Fire Department plays an essential role in facilitating construction which results in accelerating and expanding economic growth, creating more jobs, and generating more revenue for businesses and tax revenue for the city government. 

The City of Paducah's Comprehensive Plan is designed to serve as a blueprint to guide the individual and joint future planning decisions of Paducah and McCracken County. It is both purposeful in its direction and deliberate in its recommendations to forge a future that is well planned, highly coordinated, and responsibly managed.  Its focus is on the resolution of issues relating to the physical and economic development of the area, while establishing an overall vision and the policies to achieve it.  The eye of this plan is fixed on implementation for, without  it, the value of this mutual planning effort is lost.

The Fire Department implements the Plan using a variety of tools through the application of local zoning regulations.  Traditional zoning, specific plans, and special use permits, such as conditional uses and variances, all regulate the use of land in the city. The goal is to create healthier, more livable neighborhoods and economically vital business districts that can provide more job and housing opportunities for city residents.

Resources and Information

Adopted Codes and Ordinances >>

Contracting Requirements >>

Permit Applications, Guidelines, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) >>

Storm Water Permits (requirements for erosion control and sediment runoff prevention) >>

Builder's Guide to Permits and Inspections (coming soon):  This booklet will provide information you need to get started in the process of obtaining permits and inspections for repair, remodeling, or additions to your single family home. This process is required by law and provides important documentation in the event you sell or refinance your property. We will help you through the permit process and provide you with valuable information on codes and ordinances, construction practices, and property data.

Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions Bulletin:  The Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions apply to one & two family dwellings and townhouses of wood frame construction, not exceeding one story in height. This bulletin is for information and reference only and is not a substitute for accurate drawings prepared for each proposed construction project.

Schedule an Inspection

Contact Fire Prevention at 270-444-8527 to schedule an inspection.  There is no need to request an individual inspector.  Simply advise the staff of the project type, its location, and the type of inspection.  Please provide at least a 24-hour notice for each inspection.

Customer Feedback Survey

The Fire Prevention Division strives to achieve good relationships with our residents and businesses. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback will assist us in improving our services.  Visit Customer Satisfaction Survey to take the online survey. 

scope my project logoScope My Project Online Portals

Paducah has launched Scope My Project, online tools centered around business development and project scoping.  The portals will help guide citizens, entrepreneurs, developers, contractors, and business owners who are embarking on complex projects, such a starting a new business or a renovation project, through the City’s permitting requirements.  These tools are designed to increase communication, enhance availability, and eliminate confusion.

Zoning Portal:  The Zoning Portal allows users to explore where different business types are permitted throughout Paducah. 

Business Permitting Portal:  The Business Permitting Portal, a project scoping tool, guides the user to specific license, permits, and requirements for constructing, renovating, and developing a business in Paducah.  After answering the questions, a summary specific to the project can be downloaded.  This summary will include zoning information, permits needed, and a preliminary estimate of permit fees.

The portals also include links to contact City staff, set up a kick-start meeting, and an opportunity to create a free account to save project information and start the application process.

Scope My Project - Paducah's Online Business Development Tool

These portals will eliminate surprises and increase efficiencies by improving communications between community investors and the City government.  Our goal is to turn business dreams into realities.