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At this time, the Operations Division has two police K-9 teams:  Sgt. Nathan Antonites (with K-9, Junior) and Sgt. Shawn Craven (K-9, Huub).  Each police dog is a Belgian Malinois. 

Our K-9 teams are a vital resource to our community, as they do much more than just search for illegal drugs. They have the ability to track suspects in both urban and rural areas and search for items used in crime situations, such as a knife thrown into tall grass. Each K-9 also has the ability to locate someone hidden inside of building, along with protecting their handler if necessary. 

Being assigned to a K-9 team is not an easy task.  The officer must complete an extended training course with the dog, and he is responsible at all times for the dog's well-being and care.  The dog lives with the handler, and they train together weekly in narcotics detection, tracking, and article searches when they are not working the street.

In 2017, they conducted 20 tracks and 4 article searches. The K-9 teams also engage with the community through public K-9 demonstrations. During 2017, the teams performed eleven demonstrations with nearly 700 people in attendance.  In 2016, they performed 128 narcotic searches, 20 tracks, and 9 article/building searches.  In 2015, the teams conducted 31 tracks, 20 article searches, 173 narcotic searches and responded to several after-hours call outs.  

If you are interested in having one of our K-9 teams visit your school or organization to show off their skills, please email or call 270-444-8548.  





Meet the K-9 Teams

Officer Antonites and Junior

 Summary of Antonites and Junior



 Officer Craven and Huub

 Summary of Craven and Huub