Bridge Street and Broad Street Intersection to Become All-Way Stop

Date of release:  November 4, 2021

Bridge Street-Broad Street IntersectionTo improve traffic flow, the City of Paducah will be converting the signalized intersection of Bridge Street and Broad Street to an all-way stop.  At this time, the traffic signal is flashing red in all directions in preparation for the change.  City crews will install stop signs and cover them until February 1.  Once the stop signs are unveiled, the traffic signal will be removed. 

City Engineer Rick Murphy said, “This project is a continuation of the City’s investment in Southside infrastructure.  We recently completed the Bridge Street Road Rehabilitation Project which improved Bridge Street from Irvin Cobb Drive to Broad Street.  Removing the traffic signal at the Bridge and Broad intersection will reduce the City’s maintenance and repair costs and will allow traffic to flow more efficiently without unnecessary delays.”

The City of Paducah maintains more than 220 miles of streets.  For more information including the proposed road rehabilitation plan for 2021-2023, visit