Operations Division

About the Operations Division

The Operations Division, led by the Assistant Chief of Operations, is the most visible division of the Paducah Police Department.  It is responsible for enforcing all criminal and traffic laws.  The Operations Division is often called the backbone of the department because it is responsible for providing uniformed patrol services to the City of Paducah 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is responsible for responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service from the public, handling special assignments, and proactively addressing community concerns.

The Department annually averages 45,000 to 50,000 calls for service including officer-initiated calls regarding criminal offenses, complaints, traffic crashes, alarm activations, disturbances, and other events.  Patrol officers are first responders to calls for service.  They also prepare preliminary reports on all crimes, investigate motor vehicle crashes, and provide many other basic police services to the community. 

Specialized Assignments

The Operations Division is the largest component of the Paducah Police Department.  In addition to the uniformed patrol, the division has several major specialized units which have the responsibility for working in partnership with the community to reduce the amount of crime and improve the quality of life for our citizens.  

After an officer completes his or her probationary status in the Operations Division, he or she may be interested in transferring to a specialized assignment or receiving advanced training in a particular assignment.  Some of the specialized assignments include

Patrol Shifts

The department has three patrol shifts, each commanded by a captain, that provide a full range of emergency and non-emergency services to the residents and visitors of Paducah.  Within each shift are K-9 teams, which are used in a variety of situations, including drug detection, building searches, human tracking, and crowd control.  Call 270-444-8548 to reach the patrol shift commanders.

Flex Platoon:  The Paducah Police Department has a dedicated small squad of officers who sign up to be part of a flex platoon.  These officers have to adjust their schedules to fit the need of the agency since they often handle special events.  This flexibility helps the department avoid excess overtime caused by the need to adjust staffing to handle various community events.  The platoon also helps with hot-spot patrols targeting those trouble areas as identified through crime statistics.  

Assistant Chief of Operations Assistant Chief Anthony Copeland
Administrative Captain of Operations


1st SHIFT     06:00 - 14:00 hrs

Capt. Chris Baxter
Sgt. Troy Turner

2nd SHIFT     14:00 - 22:00 hrs


Capt. Matt Smith
Sgt. Nathan Antonites
Sgt. Shawn Craven

3rd SHIFT     22:00 - 06:00 hrs


Capt. Joe Hayes
Capt. Wes Orazine
Sgt. Chris Bolton