Paducah Recreation Center

The Paducah Recreation Center is located at 1527 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive in the historic Fountain Avenue Neighborhood.  The facility includes a gymnasium, stage, kitchen, conference room, and classrooms.

Hours are subject to change on a month by month basis. See our January Calendar for a schedule of classes.

Membership Information

All memberships are good for 365 days from the date of purchase. (Previously, memberships were good only for the calendar year.)  All memberships are on a card that attaches to a key ring (key fob). These key fobs will have a bar code assigned to each member of your household. Once you enter the facility, scan the fob for your class, activity, or open gym.  Bring this key fob every time you enter the facility!  Activity Punch Passes will also be added to the same key fob when purchased.

Paducah Recreation Center Membership Prices are listed below:

  • Paducah Recreation Center GOLD Membership (Individual or Family): $60.00
  • Paducah Recreation Center Yearly Membership (Individual or Family): $20.00
  • Activity Punch Pass (20 Class Visits): $10.00
  • Daily Drop In Visit (Open Gyms Only): $5.00 
  • Lost Key Fob Replacement: $5.00


A family consists of parents/guardians and their children. All persons 18 years of age or older must purchase their own membership account unless they are purchasing a family membership with their spouse.

Activities included in the $20 Yearly Individual or Family Membership at no extra cost include Open Gym, Walking Club, Basketball Open Gym, Youth Open Gym, and Volleyball Open Gym. There are two membership options to participate in classes at the Paducah Recreation Center. A Yearly Membership is $20 and is good for 365 days. After that you can purchase an Activity Punch Pass for $10 which gets you into 20 classes or pay a $1 drop in rate as you go to each class. A GOLD Membership costs $60 and is good for 365 days. No additional fees are needed to participate in classes after purchasing the GOLD Membership. Classes currently offered include: Booty Jam, Chair Yoga, Chair Chi Yoga, Mat Yoga, Mid-East Dance, Fitness Fusion, SharQui, and Yoga Foundations.

Memberships can be purchased at any time throughout the upcoming year.  They are valid for 365 days. There is a $5 charge if you need to replace your key fob membership anytime throughout the 365 days. Certain sports leagues, sports tournaments, and special events at the facillity are excluded in the cost for membership and could have separate registration fees. Call Paducah Parks and Recreation at 270-444-8508 for more information.

The Paducah Recreation Center allows non-members to participate in Open Gym, Basketball Open Gym, Volleyball Open Gym, Youth Open Gym, and Walking Club for a drop-in rate of $5 per day. Non-members who choose to become a member during a day where they paid the $5 drop-in rate, the $5 can be applied to the membership fee. However, any drop-in payments on previous days cannot be used towards a membership.

Facility Reservations

The Paducah Recreation Center is available for reservations for athletic and fitness activities only.  To reserve the facility, complete the Paducah Recreation Center Application Form and email to or fill out a permit online. Reservation requests much be approved by Paducah Parks & Recreation since there is regularly scheduled programming at the facility. For additional information, contact 270-444-8508.

Virtual Fitness Videos

View these videos for a virtual fitness experience when you cannot make it to class. These are taught by some of our Paducah Recreation Center nstructors.  Classes have been modified to allow for the best virutal experience and include Mid-East Dance, SharQui, Booty Jam, Chair Yoga, and Sculpt and Tone.

Sculpt & Tone - 6/3/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/3/2020

Booty Jam - 6/3/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/4/2020

SharQui - 6/4/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/11/2020

SharQui - 6/11/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 6/17/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/17/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/18/2020

SharQui - 6/18/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 6/24/2020

Chair Yoga - 6/24/2020

Booty Jam - 6/24/2020

Mid-East Dance - 6/25/2020

SharQui - 6/25/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 7/1/2020

Chair Yoga - 7/1/2020

SharQui - 7/2/2020

Mid-East Dance - 7/9/2020

SharQui - 7/9/2020

SharQui - 7/16/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 7/22/2020

Chair Yoga - 7/22/2020

Mid-East Dance - 7/23/2020

SharQui - 7/23/2020

Mid-East Dance - 8/3/2020

SharQui - 8/5/2020

Sculpt & Tone - 8/12/2020

Chair Yoga - 8/12/2020

SharQui - 8/12/2020

Mid-East Dance - 8/17/2020

SharQui - 8/19/2020

SharQui - 8/26/2020

Mat Yoga - 11/10/2020

SharQui - 11/10/2020

Chair Yoga - 11/11/2020

Mat Yoga - 11/12/2020

Chair Yoga - 11/16/2020

Mat Yoga - 11/17/2020

SharQui - 11/17/2020

Chair Yoga - 11/18/2020

Mat Yoga - 11/19/2020

Chair Yoga - 11/30/2020

SharQui - 12/1/2020

Chair Yoga - 12/2/2020

Mat Yoga - 12/3/2020

SharQui - 12/8/2020

Chair Yoga - 12/9/2020

Chair Yoga - 12/14/2020

Mat Yoga - 12/15/2020

SharQui - 12/15/2020

Chair Yoga - 1/4/2021

SharQui - 1/5/2021

Chair Yoga - 1/6/2021

For more virtual recreation experiences, events, and activities, visit our Recreation @ Home page. 

Facility Rules

  • Must wear athletic shoes on gym floor
  • Must sign in upon entry and present Member ID card
  • No dunking or hanging on rims of basketball goals
  • Equipment must be checked out at the office
  • Equipment must be signed back in at the office before leaving the facility
  • No profanity
  • No rough housing
  • Must follow additional game rules during league play
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult

Facility Amenities

Amenities:  The Paducah Recreation Center features a sport court for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, futsal, and many more activities.  A conference room is available next to the court that also serves as a yoga classroom.  The conference room has a pass-through area to the large kitchen.  In the kitchen, you'll find a refrigerator, work island, a double oven, two stoves, sink, and warming containers.  The kitchen has a concession opening to the sports court.  At the end of the court is a stage.  Upstairs, you'll find a large open area that is open to the court below in addition to a smaller open area, both perfect for classes.  The restroom facilities includes a shower.

Click on the picture for a larger image. 

Large sports court

Benches and flooring

Stage at end of sports court


Large kitchen next to sports court


Two stoves and double oven in kitchen


Serving area and concessions windows


Conference room next to sports court

 Upstairs Small Meeting Room

Upstairs classroom/meeting area (small section)

 Upstairs Large Open Area

Upstairs classroom/meeting area (large section)