Priority Action Item - Downtown

Downtowncommission priority


Concentrated effort to support, enhance, celebrate, and improve our thriving downtown community.

Note: This was also a 2021 City Commission Priority.

Key Team Members

Planning Director Nic Hutchison
Communications Manager Pam Spencer
Downtown Development Specialist


  • Continue to support downtown merchants
  • Develop and implement specific tactics to assist downtown merchants with the City Block development
  • Increase engagement with downtown merchants and unlock their talents to support downtown
  • Expand the recruitment of businesses to the central business district through incentives
  • Continue to focus on national and state Paducah Main Street accreditation

Accomplishments - 2021 to present

City Block Project  City Block project has been designed and placed out to bid by developer, Weyland Ventures.  Weyland is reviewing the bid information with a goal of breaking ground on the project this summer.  The bid package includes the demolition of the exisiting parking lot, grading the site, and installing the public improvements.  The City is committing $3 million for the project's public facilities (Town Square) to include the promenade, greenspace, and parking.  Developer, Weyland Ventures, has securing project financing for the hotel portion of the project through Paducah Bank.  During the construction period, the block will be closed to the public.  Various downtown amenities including Art A La Carte and the horse carriage operations will be in alternate locations during construction.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)  The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (TIF) approved Paducah's Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) on March 25, 2021.  The implementation is underway.  City has collected questionnaires from local businesses to establish the local TIF baseline with the information now conducting a baseline analysis. 

Entertainment Destination Center  The City received in June 2021 approval from the State for an Entertainment Destination Center license.  Started the First Friday Downtown Happy Hours to promote the EDC and downtown businesses.   

Business Growth  In downtown Paducah, 14 new businesses opened in 2021.  Two businesses permanently closed during the calendar year.  A net of 12 new businesses in 2021.   

Paducah Main Street  Working with the State on Main Street accreditation standards and determining the training and education needs to for the Main Street Board to advance the program. The Main Street Board, committees, and merchant association continue to meet monthly to satisfy accreditation requirements.  A fiscal year 2022 work plan has been adopted.  The Main Street Board is evaluating its committees to determine how to build program capacity.

Business Survey  A business feedback survey was released and completed in 2021.  Overall responses were positive and encouraging.  Businesses would like to see more beautification projects, improved sanitation, and a continuation in efforts to build the downtown audience.

Outdoor Dining and Entertainment  Dining at Market House Square returned for the summer and fall 2021. City passed a local municipal order to support the outdoor dining and expansion of sidewalk café area.  In 2021, Street Beats was held on Friday and Saturday evenings at the gazebo from May through September.  For 2022, Street Beats will be held Saturday evenings at 2nd and Broadway across from the gazebo location.


Downtown Parking

Are you planning a trip to historic downtown Paducah?  More than 500 parking spaces are available in the heart of downtown along the streets. However, if you are looking for off-street parking, visit Downtown Parking to view the list of FREE public parking lots with more than 1000 total spaces.  Enjoy your visit to downtown Paducah!


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