Priority Action Item - Housing

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Continued investment in the improvement of our housing stock to help grow our community.

Note: This was also a 2021 City Commission Priority.

Key Team Members

Planning Director Nic Hutchison
Neighborhood Planner 


  • Develop a map highlighting the City's surplus properties
  • Define housing needs at all levels of pricing
  • Build partnerships with potential housing developers
  • Evaluate current infill incentives and make recommendations to better meet the City's goals

Accomplishments - 2021 to present

Housing Incentive  Staff is researching case studies on providing housing incentives.  City staff has held discussions with developers interested in providing housing stock for Southside neighborhoods.

Ordinance Updates  Amended zoning ordinance to allow multi-family housing in the H-2 zone (Lowertown).  Also updated zoning ordinance to provide regulations for short-term rentals and cottage homes.

Neighborhood Surveys  Initiated Northside Residential District Survey as part of the process to place the Northside Neighborhood on the National Registry for tax incentives.  Completed 18 (out of 50) neighborhood/housing surveys with four in process as part of the Comprehensive Plan updates.

Dunlap Apartments/Jetton Schoolhouse Redevelopment Project  The City is providing $100,000 in roofing assistance for this private project, Dunlap Apartments, to renovate the former schoolhouse.

Paducah Alliance of Neighbors  Paducah Alliance completed the construction of three homes in Fountain Avenue Neighborhood near the Health Park.  Midtown Alliance is continuing its efforts to become a Community Development Corporation.  In July (2021), the City transferred a vacant lot at 513 North 14th Street to Midtown Alliance for the construction of a single-family home.  Additionally, the City transferred property to Habitat for Humanity for a new home site.

Homeless and Transitional Shelters  Collecting data and reviewing existing programs for homeless shelters and transitional housing. Mayor Bray and staff held preliminary conversations with stakeholders. Providing funds through the grant-in-aid application program to support the Salvation Army’s feasibility study for transitional housing. 

Surplus Properties  The City's surplus properties and foreclosure properties have been mapped for future development consideration.  Several surplus properties were transferred in 2021 including 1039 Madison Street, 1011 Broadway, and 1243 North 13th Street.  With a deadline of May 25, 2022, the City advertised 92 surplus property parcels for redevelopment.  To encourage redevelopment and the construction of homes, the City is providing house plans at no charge with a surplus property transfer.


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