Professional Standards Unit

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The Paducah Police Department's Professional Standards Unit is responsible for assisting with policy development, maintaining training records and standards, recruiting, managing accreditation issues, investigating complaints against officers, tracking use of force (response to resistance), and assessing Homeland Security threats.  This unit also monitors department grants and assists in the coordination of special events.  The unit is led by Captain Joe Hayes and supported by Training Officer Chris Fearon.  


The Paducah Police Department received its initial accreditation through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) in 2004.  The department further achieved the accreditation seal in 2009 and in 2014 for another five year term.  In 2019, the Department achieved reaccreditation for another five year term.  The Paducah Police Department is one of approximately 77 KACP accredited police and sheriff's organizations statewide.   More About Accreditation >>

Internal Affairs

Officers are real people trying to do the best job in some of life's most difficult circumstances.  The Paducah Police Department has high expectations of its employees and wants each one to live up to those expectations on a daily basis.   

Internal complaints are usually generated by an officer's supervisor in response to some type of recognized policy violation.  From simple violations to the most complex, they can range in disciplinary measures from an Employee Improvement Notice, to a written reprimand, to suspension, and even termination. In 2019, there were 17 documented complaints.  Ten were generated internally, and seven came from sources outside of the agency.  The internal complaints ranged from an Employee Improvement Notice (EIN) to termination of employment.  A majority of the external complaints were unfounded allegations with one case resulting in a written reprimand. 

The Paducah Police Department places a high value on accountability since it builds public trust and confidence.  We want citizens to know that we take all complaints seriously and will investigate any alleged misconduct thoroughly.  If you have a complaint with one of Paducah's officers, please contact the Office of Professional Standards at 270-444-8534.  

Homeland Security

The Professional Standards Captain is the Paducah Police Department's Homeland Security liaison.  The Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center (KIFC) is responsible for compiling, blending, analyzing, and disseminating information among the broad network of law enforcement, public health, and other key organizations.  The Captain's role is the liaison for information and intelligence between the Paducah Police Department and the KIFC.

Special Events

The City of Paducah hosts numerous special events occurring all throughout the year.  Department staff recognizes the need for additional security measures at these concentrated mass gatherings. The Office of Professional Standards reviews and approves special event permits and develops operational plans that implement safety and security procedures for events that attract large crowds or by nature of the event, may raise a safety concern.  While attending an event within the City of Paducah, you may notice an increased officer presence.  What you may not see are the undercover officers and mobile cameras within the event areas.  We also utilize our specialized units to conduct pre-event walkthroughs to identify potential issues.  In 2019, it is estimated that over 115 permits were reviewed, 14 operational plans created, 546 officer hours and over 100 hours of Police Explorers and Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) time was dedicated to special events.


The Professional Standards Unit maintains training records and ensures that officers receive the proper amount and type of training each year.     More About Training >>