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Real Estate/Property Tax bills are typically mailed in early November.  The bill has three governmental bodies that receive revenue:  City of Paducah, Paducah Junior College, and the City School District.  The school district depends upon where you live in the City.  Some people live in the City but are in the McCracken County School District. Revenue generated by the property tax is the second highest revenue source for the City of Paducah generating an anticipated $7.56 million for Fiscal Year 2022.  Only the payroll tax generates more revenue.  

The City's property tax rate for FY2022 is $0.271 which means for every $100 of assessed value of real estate, $0.271 (slightly more than a quarter) is paid to the City of Paducah.  For a home that has an assessed value of $50,000, a property owner pays $135.50 to the City of Paducah in property taxes.

How to Calculate Your Property Tax 

If you have a property tax question, email the  or call 270-444-8513.

Property Tax Due Dates

The due dates for the real estate/property tax bills are outlined in Chapter 106 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.  Property taxes levied herein shall be due and payable in the following manner:

  1.  In the case of tax bills which reflect an amount due of less than $1000.00, the payment shall be due on November 1 and shall be payable without penalty and interest until November 30.
  2.  In the case of all other tax bills, payment shall be in accordance with the following provisions:

a.  The first half payment shall be due on November 1 of the tax year and shall be payable without penalty and interest until November 30.

b.   The second half payment shall be due on February 1 of the following year and shall be payable without penalty and interest until February 28.

Payment Options

In addition to cash and/or check, the City of Paducah accepts credit and debit card payments at City Hall.  This service for in-person and over-the-phone payments provides a convenient way to pay for many of Paducah’s fees and charges collected through the Finance Department and Fire Prevention Division in addition to the Engineering and Planning departments.

Services payable by credit or debit card include business licenses, property tax bills, building permits, fines, and liens.  A 2.95 percent service charge will apply on credit and debit card payments.  Payment types include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.  The City does not charge or retain this service charge.  There is a $2.00 minimum per transaction.

Later in 2021, expect new online features including online bill payments, permits, electronic plan submissions, inspection scheduling, citizen self-service portal, and a citizen service request/reporting portal.

Property Tax Rate History

  • For the City's real estate property tax levy history since 1995, visit Real Estate.
  • For the City's personal property tax levy history since 1995, visit Personal Property Tax.
  • For the Inventory Property Tax History since 1995 for the Paducah Independent School District, visit Inventory Property Tax.  Note:  The City of Paducah discontinued the Inventory Property Tax in 2003.

To learn more about the City's property tax rate, its history, and how it compares to other Kentucky cities, watch this Paducah View episode featuring Finance Director Jonathan Perkins (January 2014, 6:20 minutes).

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