2nd Annual Conference for Electrical, Building, and Fire Suppression Professionals

The Paducah Fire Prevention Division is hosting the 2nd Annual Conference for Electrical, Building, and Fire Suppression professionals.  The FREE one-day conference is available to anyone in the electrical, building/construction/design, or firefighting professions.   The workshop will be Friday, October 25, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., at the Julian Carroll Convention Center located at 415 Park Avenue in Paducah.  Participation in the classes will provide attendees with continuing education credits for the State of Kentucky.

Pre-registration is required by Monday, October 21 as lunch and materials will be provided.  To pre-register, complete the Conference Registration Form or contact April Tinsman in the Fire Prevention Division at 270-444-8527.  The Paducah Fire Department welcomes sponsors for the event.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, or reserving a vendor space, contact April Tinsman.

Paducah Fire Department Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry says, “In 2012, we offered a one-day conference for electrical professionals.  That conference was successful with more than 80 in attendance.  This year, we have expanded the conference to include classes in building and fire service.” 

Cherry adds, “The Paducah Fire Department is striving to be an active resource for the community and for construction and fire service professionals. We offer continuing education opportunities as a way for us all to develop strong working relationships and to build and maintain stronger, safer structures for citizens and the community.”

The electrical class offered is “The IAEI Analysis of Changes-2014 NEC” taught by Bill McGovern.  McGovern is the Electrical Inspection Services Supervisor for the City of Plano, Texas. McGovern represents the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) on Code Making Panel-2 for the 2008, 2011, and 2014 editions of the National Electrical Code.  This class is designed to cover the major changes in the National Electrical Code for the 2014 code cycle.

The building code class, “2009 IECC-Performing Residential Energy Inspections”, will be instructed by Russell Thornburg.  Thornburg has 30 years of construction and inspection experience.  The class objectives will be to locate applicable tables in the 2009 IECC for specific situations, apply code requirements to real world situations, explain the intent behind a code requirement, and identify essential code components for designing energy-efficient building thermal envelops, energy efficient mechanical design, and electrical power and lighting systems.

Fire service professionals will have a class taught by Michael Shoulders on hybrid car technology specifically fire suppression and extrication techniques for hybrid vehicles. Shoulders has 14 years of service in Fire Service/EMS.