Alben Barkley Drive Crash

overturned vehicleTime: 9:14 a.m.
Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Location: Interstate 24 off-ramp at Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah
Driver 1: Larry M. Irby Jr., 29, of Barnhart, MO, driving a 2010 Ford Escape west on Alben Barkley Drive
Driver 2: Walter C. Butler, 79, of Walnut, MS, driving a 2006 International tractor-trailer, pulling across Alben Barkley Drive on the off-ramp/Jack Paxton Drive

Alben Barkley Drive was closed for about 45 minutes this morning after an SUV was hit and flipped onto its side at the Interstate 24 off-ramp.

Larry M. Irby Jr. told police he was driving west on Alben Barkley Drive and was distracted by his GPS, and didn’t realize his traffic signal had turned red. He pulled into the intersection, into the path of a 2006 International tractor-trailer rig, driven by Walter C. Butler.

The SUV was hit broadside in the passenger side and flipped onto its side. No one was reported injured in the collision.

Alben Barkley Drive reopened to traffic just before 10 a.m.