City Approves Traffic Study for Section of Buckner Lane

Date of release:  November 15, 2017

traffic study areaToday the City of Paducah entered into a scope of services agreement with HDR, Inc. for a traffic study for the Buckner Lane corridor from the intersection of Pines Road to the intersection of Pecan Drive. 

City Manager Jeff Pederson says, “This has become a heavily travelled stretch of roadway that is experiencing congestion during peak times throughout the week.  The Paducah Board of Commissioners and City staff have heard from numerous citizens who would like to know options in improving traffic flow.  Once HDR completes the study, the City will be provided valuable traffic data and recommendations on how the performance of the two intersections and Buckner Lane in general can be improved.”

HDR expects to spend several weeks gathering data including field observations at various times of day, crash data, traffic counts, and peak period turning movement counts for the intersections.  HDR’s team will focus on the intersection of Pecan Drive and Buckner Lane to evaluate if an all-way-stop or the implementation of a traffic signal is warranted.  HDR also will provide suggestions to improve the intersection of Pines Road and Buckner Lane.  Furthermore, the traffic study will forecast how future development could affect traffic flow and volumes.

The City of Paducah expects to receive a draft report from HDR in approximately four weeks.  The traffic study will be conducted at a cost of $12,300.