City Commission Meeting Highlights, April 11, 2017

Finalize Change Order for Final Quantities for Olivet Church Road Improvement Project (vote April 18)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to adopt Change Order #1 with Jim Smith Contracting Company, LLC for the construction of the Olivet Church Road Improvement Project.  The change order reduces the contract by $114,000.95 which brings the total contract to $6,266.136.09.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet allocated $6.2 million toward the construction.  The City’s responsibility for the construction is a little more than $66,000.  City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says, “I think that is something that needs to be celebrated for a project this size.”  The project included the widening of Olivet Church Road (KY 998) to three lanes with improved drainage, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks in addition to the construction of a new stretch of five-lane roadway that links the Kentucky Oaks Mall area at U.S. 60 to an existing section of Olivet Church Road.   The City entered into the contract with Jim Smith Contracting in May 2015.  A ribbon cutting celebration was held November 3, 2016. 


Zone Change for Property at 4231 Pecan Drive (vote April 18)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to change the zoning of the property located at 4231 Pecan Drive from R-1 (Low Density Residential Zone) to R-4 (High Density Residential Zone).  CDB Service Finance, LLC is requesting the zone change for the 18.246 acre property in order to construct a skilled nursing facility. Skilled nursing facilities are permitted in an R-4 zone in the City of Paducah.  Currently, the property is wooded and vacant.  The proposed 100-bed nursing facility would be 77,300 square feet in size.  A public hearing was held at the April 3 Planning Commission meeting.  The Planning Commission approved a resolution in support of the zone change.  At that meeting and this meeting, several nearby residents raised concerns about increases in storm water runoff, traffic, and noise.  Commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland also posed questions about the storm water runoff and how the area would be addressed by the consultant working to develop a Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan.  City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says detention ponds would be included at this site under the requirements in the current city ordinance.  The ponds would hold the additional runoff and release it slowly.  A final site plan for the project will be submitted by the development with approval needed by the Planning and Engineering-Public Works Department. 


Code Enforcement Officers to Visit Neighborhoods

With spring bringing a later sunset, Code Enforcement Officers with the Fire Prevention Division of the Paducah Fire Department are spending some late afternoons and evenings visiting neighborhoods to educate residents about the City’s standards for yard and property maintenance.  Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry says today from approximately 4:30 until 7 p.m., Code Enforcement Officers visited the neighborhood just north of Park Avenue between North 21st Street to H.C. Mathis Drive, the neighborhood east of Bridge Street, and the neighborhood south of Park Avenue between 17th and 21st Streets.  Cherry says, “We are trying to approach [property maintenance issues] in a positive and more proactive manner.”  The Code Enforcement Officers will make attempts to contact the owner or occupant of properties that have maintenance situations in violation of the City’s ordinances.  Those violations could include high grass, excessive overgrowth that is blocking an alley, or debris that needs to be properly disposed of such as junk vehicles, furniture, and appliances.  The goal of visiting the homes in the early evening is to increase the chance of reaching in person the property owner or occupant so that the Code Enforcement Officer can provide guidance on how the property maintenance issues can be resolved.  In approximately two weeks, the Code Enforcement Officers will return to each neighborhood.  At that time, violations may be issued to the properties that still have items to be addressed.  This evening, the Code Enforcement Officers also provided information about the April 22 Spring Clean Up Day and about pay piles for the disposal of trash that won’t fit into the city-issued rollout.


Amendment to Cable Television Franchise Agreement with Comcast (vote April 18)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance amending the termination date for the non-exclusive franchise agreement between the City of Paducah and Comcast Cable.  This ordinance would extend the franchise agreement, which expired today, through October 11, 2017.  The City has entered into negotiations with Comcast for a new franchise agreement.


Community Scholarship Presentation

West Kentucky & Community Technical College (WKCTC) President Dr. Anton Reece and several other representatives provided an update about the Community Scholarship Program and asked for the City of Paducah’s continued support.  Annually since fiscal year 2011, the City has provided $125,000 toward the program with the remaining program funds provided by McCracken County, the Rotary Club of Paducah, Paducah Junior College, Inc., Paducah Power System and numerous private sources.  Dr.  Reece says, “We believe it’s important as a college, as part of our vision, to take care of our home base in Paducah and McCracken County through the Community Scholarship Program.”  Will Black with the Paducah School System says, “It is more than a program.  It’s an inspiration to our students.”  Black says the program shows that the community cares enough to invest in a student’s future.  The Program motivates students to graduate high school and pursue a higher education by providing each Paducah and McCracken County high school graduate with a two-year tuition scholarship to WKCTC provided that each student register for the program, maintain a minimum grade point average and attendance record, and not have major disciplinary problems.  Data indicates that the Program participants are staying enrolled in college longer and are earning higher grade point averages and more college credits when compared to the non-Program students.  The City’s funding for the Program will be addressed during the budget meetings.


Contract for Services with Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a contract for services between the City and the Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau on behalf of the American Quilter’s Society for the City to provide $25,000 for the marketing of the 2017 AQS QuiltWeek.  This annual funding has been provided since 2008.