City Commission Meeting Highlights, May 16, 2017

Planning for Pocket Park at 432 Broadway

Pocket Park renderingPlanner Sheryl Chino updated the Paducah Board of Commissioners on the status of the design of the pocket park at 432 Broadway.  This is a vacant city-owned space at the corner of 5th and Broadway.  Chino explained that due to property’s narrow size, infill construction is challenging leading to the development of a park as a good option. 

In 2016, the City completed the demolition project for the building that was at 432 Broadway.  The building posed a critical safety hazard and had to be carefully demolished.  City Manager Jeff Pederson praised the Planning staff for their vision for the park.  Pederson says, “As bad as it is to lose a downtown building, we all hurt.  Mainly in part in how unusual this building was, as narrow as it was, this is such a wonderful opportunity to create an asset downtown.  Even though it’s small, it’s going to have a real sense of place about it.”

Park plans are nearly finished with the bidding expected to start late this summer or early fall.  The park is estimated to cost a total of $126,000 with sponsorships and partnerships being coordinated.  Chino thanked Paducah Bank for their support.  Chino says, “They [Paducah Bank] have verbally committed to sponsoring the project.  They have not indicated to what level yet.  We are still working with them.” 

The park’s components include a sign at the corner identifying the park, two pergolas, lighting, charging stations, landscaping, and bench seating.  A sculpture made last year by Paducah School of Art & Design students is in storage for the park.  The Yeiser Art Center and MAKE Paducah are coordinating a community art project.  The art project will involve the painting of small squares creating a mosaic of colorful blocks and revealing a larger image that displays an aspect of Paducah.  Several other partners have expressed their interest in the park.  The Paducah Board of Realtors has agreed to be a sponsor through their Creative Place Making grant for $2,500.00.  This will help pay for materials and installation of the artwork.  Plus, various garden clubs have expressed interest in sponsoring a bench, planter bed, or similar park component, and Four Rivers Behavioral Health has expressed interest in becoming an adopt-a-spot partner.


Storm Water Master Plan Progress

The City of Paducah along with Strand Associates, Inc. is working on developing a Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan.  A public meeting is being scheduled for mid-June which will allow the public an opportunity to share their specific flood data with the technical consultant.  Details about that meeting have not been finalized.  However, flood data from citizens is being accepted at any time.  If you have images showing flooding on your property, please send the photos, the date of the flooding, and the address to Storm Water & Drainage Engineer Eric Hickman at   Those images will be shared with Strand Associates as they are analyzing Paducah’s flood prone areas.


Authorize Application for Floodwall Pump Station #2 Rehabilitation CDBG Grant

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a municipal order to submit a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for Pump Station #2 located at 1416 North 6th Street.  The city is applying for the maximum grant amount of $1 million.  The rehabilitation would include replacement of discharge pipes, the rehabilitation of various mechanical components of all seven pumps and motors not previously repaired, and the replacement of the sluice gate.  Pump Station #2 has the largest pumping capacity of 313,000 gallons per minute.  Since it’s the first station to be activated at a local river stage of 27.5 feet, it receives the most wear-and-tear.  The total project to rehabilitate Pump Station #2 is estimated to be more than $5.1 million which includes construction and engineering costs.  The City already has received grant funding to assist with the project.  Last November, the City was notified that it would be receiving a $400,000 grant from the Delta Regional Authority’s Community Infrastructure Fund. 

The City of Paducah operates and maintains the floodwall which extends 12.25 miles with 9.25 miles of earthen levee and 3.0 miles of concrete.  The system includes 12 pump stations, several pipe gates, pipes, and 47 vehicular openings.  The floodwall was constructed between August 1939 and July 1949.  The City took over operation and maintenance of the floodwall in 1949.  According to the USACE, an estimated $1.2 billion of City and County assets are protected by Paducah’s floodwall protection system.


Accept Grant Award for Historic Preservation Training

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a municipal order accepting the Kentucky Heritage Council grant in the amount of $6219.84.  The funds will be used for professional development training so that the five members of the Historic & Architectural Review Commission (HARC) can attend the 2017 Past Forward Conference hosted by the National Trust for Historic Preservation which will be held November 14-17 in Chicago.  This conference will allow the board members to meet state professional training requirements.  The grant requires a cash match of $4,146.56.


Veterans Day Parade Purpose Resolution

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a resolution supporting the Veterans Day Committee.  The text of the resolution is as follows:

A Resolution affirming and accepting the position of the Paducah Veterans Day Committee that participants in the Veterans Day Parade be limited to those that represent the flag of the United States and the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

WHEREAS, in 1996 then Mayor Albert Jones formed the Paducah Veterans Day Committee for the purpose of recognizing Veterans of the United States Armed Forces; AND

WHEREAS, the Veterans Day Parade has run continuously since then under the direction of the City of Paducah Parks Services Department; AND

WHEREAS, the Veterans Day Committee has on April 20th of 2017 reaffirmed its statement of purpose for the parade to limit participation to only those groups who represent Veterans of the United States Armed Forces under the Flag of the United States.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Paducah to accept and abide by the Resolution of the Veterans Day Committee to limit participation in the Veterans Day Parade to groups or individuals who represent, support and honor Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its adoption.


Quick Highlights

  • City Engineer and Public Works Director Rick Murphy introduced Engineering Project Manager Maegan Mansfield who started working for the City this week.
  • Boards and Commissions
    • Beverly McKinley reappointed to the Code Enforcement Board
    • Rachael King and Jennifer Tritle appointed to the Paducah Civic Beautification Board
    • Earlie Fugate appointed to the Civil Service Commission
  • Wiliam Robert Johnston reappointed to the Paducah-McCracken County Industrial Development Authority
  • Municipal order approved accepting the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority grant funding in the amount of $7249.85.  Paducah Water will be using the funds to pay down debt associated with the Shemwell Lane water line project.
  • The Fiscal Year 2018 Budget presentation workshop is scheduled begin at 4 p.m. next Tuesday in the basement training room of City Hall.