City Commission Meeting Highlights, October 11, 2016

Hiring of 911 Director

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of Ed McManus as director of the 911 Communications Services Department.  McManus says, “Thanks for the opportunity to return to public service.”  McManus retired in 2008 with the rank of captain from the Paducah Police Department after serving for two decades.  He has a degree from MidContinent University in business management.  In addition to his career in law enforcement, McManus has experience as a real estate broker and financial advisor.  He is a life-long resident of the Paducah-McCracken County area.


Airport Operations and Audit Report

Barkley Regional Airport Manager Richard Roof provided the Mayor and Commissioners a semi-annual update of airport activities.  He provided a copy of the airport audit which showed no instances of non-compliance.  Roof also thanked the City for its support of the airport.  He says many projects are underway or in the planning stages including the purchase of a new snow plow with a 17-foot blade, the replacement of 250 taxiway lights to LED, and update of software, improvement to storm water drainage, and the paving of the entrance road and the parking lot.  Roof says that with the six and half years that SkyWest has been operating out of Barkley Regional, approximately 250,000 passengers have used the service.


City of Paducah Health Insurance for 2017

At last week’s City Commission meeting, Greg Carlton with Peel & Holland and Human Resources Director Martin Russell provided an overview of the City of Paducah’s 2017 health insurance plan through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as the City’s third party administrator.  The City of Paducah has a self-insured health insurance plan which means the premiums paid into the plan by the employees are used to pay the claims.  The Board approved a municipal order for the health insurance, vision, and dental premiums.  Those who participate in the City’s health plan will have no change to their premiums as compared to this current year.  Russell praised the City employees for their efforts to improve their health and wellness.

Additional actions taken by the City Commission regarding health insurance are as follows: 

  • Ordinance approved authorizing an agreement between the City of Paducah and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide administrative services related to the City’s health insurance plan.
  • Ordinance approved authorizing an agreement between the City of Paducah and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for stop loss insurance which is used when a plan participant’s claims exceed a set value or when the City’s total claims exceed a set maximum.  The insurance protects the City from catastrophic health insurance claims.  The maximum city liability per person will be set at $175,000.  Anthem will assume liability for individual claims that are higher than $175,000 up to $1 million.  Anthem also will step in when the City’s total health claims reach a little more than $2.9 million.
  • Ordinance approved for the contract between the City and Peel & Holland for the administration of the City’s health insurance during 2017.  The contract amount is for $76,900 with an additional fee of $200 per hour subject to a minimum retainer of $5000 for services requested by the City or the City’s legal counsel for issues that arise in connection to employee bargaining, legal matters, disputes, etc.


Quick Highlights

  • Mayor Gayle Kaler proclaimed October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Resolution approved for a declaration of official intent to reimburse temporary advances made for capital expenditures.  This resolution is in support of any financial advances for the floodwall pump rehabilitation project made prior to the issuance of a bond later this fiscal year. 
  • Kelm Burchard appointed to the Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center Corporation.
  • Ordinance approved accepting the final subdivision plat for tract 9 in the Strawberry Hill Development which includes the accepting of the right-of-way of James Sanders Boulevard.
  • Ordinance introduce (vote Oct. 25) to purchase a side loading refuse truck in the amount of $250,620 from McBride Mack, Inc.
  • City Manager Jeff Pederson announced that everyone is invited to the ribbon cutting celebration for the Olivet Church Road Improvement Project on Thursday, November 3 at 11 a.m.  The celebration will be on a section of the new five-lane roadway.