City Commission Meeting Highlights, September 13, 2016

Note:  Mayor Gayle Kaler and Commissioner Sandra Wilson were unable to attend this meeting.


Accept Bid for Noble Park Tennis Shelter/Restroom Facility (vote Sept. 20)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to authorize a contract with M.P. Lawson Construction, LLC of Paducah for the construction of the Noble Park Tennis Shelter/Restroom facility.  Bids were opened August 23 with five bids received.  The lowest, responsive bid was from M.P. Lawson in the amount of $152,936.  The City also is moving forward with Change Order #1 to the contract which allows the City to purchase the modular restroom facility, which costs more than $91,000, from the company outlined in the contract with M.P. Lawson.  With the City directly purchasing the restroom facility, there will be a cost savings of more than $5000 due to the City not paying the 6 percent state sales tax. With the Change Order, the final contract with M.P. Lawson will be $61,250.06.  

For the past several years, the Paducah Tennis Association (PTA) and the City have been working on the development of a shelter/restroom facility adjacent to the Noble Park Tennis Courts.  The PTA has coordinated $55,000 for the project which includes a contribution and agreement from the St. Mary School System for the use of the courts. 


Amendment to Solid Waste Agreement with Freedom Waste Service

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance amending the contract with Freedom Waste Service, LLC.  In January, the City entered into a ten year contract with Freedom for the transfer, transport, and disposal of municipal solid waste for the City.  The contract also has two five-year renewal clauses.  The agreement required that Freedom construct a transfer station site with operations to begin August 1.  However, due to rain delays and a change in the site location that Freedom was considering for the transfer station, the new date for operations to commence is estimated to be September 26.  Freedom has agreed to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $27,000 due to the delay.  Freedom is in the process of constructing a transfer station which will incorporate a drop-off area for recyclables at 400 State Street in Paducah. 

Prior to the agreement with Freedom, the City had an agreement with Republic Services which expired December 31, 2015.  In October 2015, the City accepted proposals from companies interested in providing solid waste services for Paducah.  The City received proposals from Freedom and Republic.  After reviewing the proposals, the City decided to award the contract to Freedom at a comparative annual cost savings of $200,000.  The City will pay Freedom a base fee of $34.95 per ton for solid waste and $40 per ton for recyclable materials. 


Quick Highlights

  • Resolution approved requesting support for the issuance of Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) revenue bonds that will be used to finance improvements to Baptist Health Paducah.  The bonds will be repaid in their entirety by Baptist Health Paducah and its affiliates.  The City of Paducah is not liable for the repayment of these bonds.  Under Kentucky Revised Statutes, the City is required to pass a resolution in support of the financing.
  • Municipal order approved to apply for the 2017 Kentucky Litter Abatement program grant in the amount of $13,516.94 through the Kentucky Division of Waste Management.  No local match is required.
  • Municipal order approved to transfer $27,800 from the Commission Contingency Fund for the Noble Park Tennis Court Restroom/Shelter Project.
  • Ordinance approved to annex into the City parcels at 6125 Blandville Road and 1592 New Holt Road annexation.  Both of these parcels are owned by Trinity United Methodist Church.  The church requested the annexation.
  • Ordinance approved to close a portion of North 29th Street between Trimble and Harrison Streets.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing on August 15 and recommends the street closure.
  • Ordinance approved to close Yopp Street located between the floodwall and Wayne Sullivan Drive.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing on August 15 and recommends the street closure.
  • Ordinances approved for the purchase of the following items:
    • Dumpsters in an amount not to exceed $70,000 from Municipal Equipment, Inc.
    • Solid waste roll out containers in an amount not to exceed $60,000 from Toter, LLC
    • Ten police pursuit rated SUVs for a total amount of $357,845 from Paducah Ford.
  • Ordinance approved accepting the 2016 Port Security grant in the amount of $14,678.  The funds will be used by the Police Department to purchase security cameras for the floodwall area.  No local match is required.
  • Ordinance approved accepting the 2016-2017 Highway Safety Grant award in the amount of $25,450.  The funds will be used by the Police Department to conduct traffic enforcement activities.  No local match is required.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote Sept. 20) to extend the due date to June 30, 2020 for two loans that the City provided to the Greater Paducah Economic Development Council (GPEDC).  The two loans total $911,375 with the funds used to purchase property in the Riverport West Industrial Park. 
  • Ordinance introduced (vote Sept. 20) to accept the proposal of Wilson Office Solutions in an amount not to exceed $42,127.13 for the purchase of furniture for the police department annex building.  Six proposals were received for this project.  The annex building, located at 1410 Broadway adjacent to the Department headquarters, will house the Criminal Investigation and Drug and Vice Enforcement units.
  • The Olivet Church Road Improvement project is progressing with a base course of asphalt in place on a majority of the three-lane section.  Due to the rainy weather this summer, the project has been slightly delayed with completion expected in November rather than in October.
  • The Riverfront Redevelopment Project is moving forward with the earthwork of the new park in its final stages.  Construction of the block revetment is underway.  The gangway, platforms, and transient dock are expected to be delivered in November.  Then, utilities will be connected.