Delta Regional Authority Awards Grant to City of Paducah for Rehabilitation of Floodwall Pump Station #2

Date of release: November 29, 2016

The City of Paducah received notification this week from Delta Regional Authority (DRA) that the City will be awarded the Community Infrastructure Fund grant in the amount of $400,000.  The funds will assist in the costs to rehabilitate Floodwall Pump Station #2 located at 1416 North 6th Street.   

City Manager Jeff Pederson says, “This is the first year for this grant program through DRA, and we knew that it would be competitive since DRA provides assistance to an eight-state region.  I applaud the City staff who worked together for approximately six months to prepare and develop a thorough project for the grant application that was submitted to DRA in early August.  We will continue to seek additional grant funding due to the critical nature of this project.” 

Mayor Gayle Kaler says, “The rehabilitation of our floodwall and its associated pump stations is a top infrastructure priority and commitment for the City of Paducah.  This grant will be a great help in achieving that goal so that our citizens are protected from floodwaters.”

Mayor Kaler adds, “I appreciate all of the effort and support from our State delegation.  Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Rand Paul, and Congressman Ed Whitfield have supported this vital infrastructure project on behalf of Paducah-McCracken County residents.”

City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says, “Pump Station #2 is not only the most critical station for the floodwall system but also the station with the largest pumping capacity of 313,000 gallons per minute.  Pump Station #2 is the first station to be activated at a local river stage of 27.5 feet.  Therefore, the station has the most wear-and-tear.” 

Rehabilitating Floodwall Pump Station #2 includes the replacement of discharge pipes and the sluice gate and the rehabilitation of various mechanical/electrical components of all seven pumps and motors not previously repaired.  The total project cost to rehabilitate and reconstruct the pump station and its components is estimated to be more than $4.5 million. 

Murphy adds, “I am very pleased with the news that the City of Paducah has received the $400,000 grant from DRA.  This money is very much needed and absolutely will be put to good use as we are initiating this first phase of critical floodwall rehabilitation.” 

The City of Paducah has been working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to update and repair the aging floodwall infrastructure.  The City of has a Memorandum of Understanding with USACE for work to be completed on Pump Station #2 prior to the federal funding authorization.  The agreement also allows the City to have in-kind credits for the work.

The City of Paducah operates and maintains the floodwall which extends 12.25 miles with 9.25 miles of earthen levee and 3.0 miles of concrete.  The system includes 12 pump stations, several pipe gates, pipes, and 47 vehicular openings.  The floodwall was constructed between August 1939 and July 1949.  The City took over operation and maintenance of the floodwall in 1949.  According to the USACE, an estimated $1.2 billion of City and County assets are protected by Paducah’s floodwall protection system.

DRA created the Community Infrastructure Fund to target physical infrastructure projects that help build safer, more resilient communities in the Delta region.  Grant funding can be used for projects that address flood control, basic infrastructure development, and transportation improvements.  Additional information about DRA can be found at