Greenway Trail Phase IV Ribbon Cutting on Monday, October 28

Date of release:  October 23, 2019 
Greenway Trail Phase IV InvitationEveryone is invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, October 28 at 11 a.m. for the Greenway Trail Phase IV project.  The ceremony will be in Schultz Park near the Transient Boat Dock. 
City Manager Jim Arndt says, “This is an exciting project since it accomplishes two tasks.  It extends the Greenway Trail from Campbell Street to the riverfront and adds additional amenities such as sidewalks and lighting to the park next to the Transient Boat Dock.” 
Phase IV of the Greenway Trail extends the trail from Campbell Street near the Schroeder Expo Center toward Schultz Park on the riverfront.  The trail navigates pedestrians and cyclists along a path next to the concrete floodwall in front of the Convention Centers, goes across the parking lot behind the Holiday Inn Paducah Riverfront, and then joins with the new Riverfront Project adjacent to the Transient Boat Dock.  In addition to the trail, lighting and approximately 1300 linear feet of sidewalks were added near the Transient Boat Dock.   
Arndt adds, “We are working through our Parks Master Plan process which involved surveying citizens about the frequency that they use our existing parks and facilities and what features they would like the City to add.  Walking and bicycle trails are at the top of the survey responses for both of those questions.” 
The City received $500,000 in funding through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant for this project.  This phase was designed by HDR Engineering with Youngblood Excavating & Contracting, LLC receiving the construction contract in April 2019.   
Visit Clyde F. Boyles Greenway Trail for more information about the trail which extends 4.5 miles in addition to the Phase IV section. 

The extension of the Greenway Trail can be tied to Our Community and the Performance Area, Develop Healthy and Sustainable Neighborhoods, as outlined in Paducah’s Strategic Plan.  The outcome for Action Item N-1 is to design and construct sidewalks, pedestrian walkways/bike paths, and/or bike lanes to connect our neighborhoods.