Latest Episode of PHRC, Raising the Standard Focuses on Educational Initiatives

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“The kids are our future, and we are giving them a solid foundation for the community,” says Shulorn Jeter of the Paducah Human Rights Commission (PHRC).  In the second episode of PHRC, Raising the Standard, learn more about the educational initiatives launched by the PHRC.  PHRC, Raising the Standard can be seen on Government 11 on Tuesday, March 12 at 9:30 a.m.  It also will play March 15 at 7 p.m. and March 16 at 8 p.m.

PHRC Commissioner Chevene Duncan-Herring chairs the educational initiative committee.  Duncan-Herring says for the first time in the board’s history, the PHRC is partnering with Paducah City and McCracken County schools to hold educational sessions with topics including business economics, law and justice, and psychology. Duncan-Herring says, “The superintendents of the city and the county schools have approved and accepted an ongoing partnership with the PRHC.”  The PHRC also is partnering with McCracken County 4-H.  Youth Development Agent Robert Tashjian explains the opportunities for youth offered through 4-H.

PRHC Chair Dr. Bernice Belt says, “We are trying to take the young people with us through these educational initiatives because when they turn 18 and older, they are going to be in situations maybe as an employee, maybe as a tenant, maybe as a supervisor, or maybe the person in authority.  Whatever the case may be, they need to understand and honor civil rights and human rights.”

Also in this episode find out how the PHRC is incorporating student interns to help fulfill the board’s mission and empower youth.  The final segment of the episode outlines two upcoming annual events:  the 16th Annual Fair Housing Luncheon on April 11 and the 7th Annual Evening of Performance set for May 17.

PHRC members are Dr. Bernice Belt, Martha Argotte’ Thomas, Bob Bloomingburg, Amber’Lee Douglas, Chevene Duncan-Herring, Shulorn Jeter, Craig Newbern, Jr., and David White.  Shelby Kester is a student intern.  The PHRC was formed in 1964.  If you are interested in serving on the board or if you need assistance, visit  or call the office at 444-8643.

PHRC Commissioners David White and Shulorn Jeter co-host the program.  View daily program information by watching the informational slides airing on the Channel 11 bulletin board.  The episode also is online at and the various social media outlets for the City of Paducah including Youtube and Facebook.  Check the website for program information, videos, news releases, and broadcast schedules.  PHRC, Raising the Standard is produced through the television production facilities at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.