Mayor Brandi Harless to Host Informed & Involved Event on August 1, 2017

Date of release:  July 24, 2017

Mayor Brandi Harless is organizing a meeting for the public on Tuesday, August 1 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.   The Informed & Involved event will allow residents an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and get involved in the community.  It will last for approximately one hour.

Mayor Harless says, “As an elected official, I believe it is important to listen to the community.  Informed & Involved is modelled after similar events held by former Mayor Gerry Montgomery.  Opportunities for face-to-face contact and open discussions are important for community growth.”

“This event is an experiment in trying a variety of ways to engage the public.  I am planning to coordinate more of these events with the goal of improving the format each time,” says Mayor Harless.

Mayor Harless along with the assistance of three interns planned the event which will include interactive activities to launch discussions.  There will be several ways the community can engage with Mayor Harless including an Instagram challenge, a question and answer session at the event, and public input opportunities by responding to questions posted around the atrium of City Hall.  Citizens who are interested in future community involvement will be encouraged to provide their contact information to the interns at the event.

Mayor Harless says, “I have enjoyed working with these three bright interns.  They have talked to various community members, researched topics, and coordinated activities.  They are our future leaders.  I also hope to continue these engagement events through the assistance of future interns. ”

Intern Addie Rogers, a junior at Paducah Tilghman High School says, "I have learned the importance of communication skills in a leader and how to proactively utilize them.  To know and listen to the community you lead are your top priorities as a leader.  One of my most substantial goals is to lead youth involvement in our community, and I have learned a lot to help me reach that goal."

Claire Kelly, a freshman at Belmont University, and Alexia Tyler, a senior at Paducah Tilghman, also served as interns and helped plan and coordinate the event.

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