Paducah to Host Shift Workshop in November to Bring Together Creative and Business Professionals

Date of release:  September 5, 2019

graphic Shift WorkshopThe City of Paducah is hosting a Shift Workshop in November bringing together creative and business professionals to collaborate and create project and/or event plans that could enhance and grow Paducah’s economy.

The Shift Workshop is a program through the AIR Institute of Berea College in partnership with the Kentucky Arts Council.  The goal for the three-day workshop is for creative people to learn business skills and for business people to get more creative. 

City of Paducah Customer Experience Department Director Lindsay Parish says, “The title of the three-day workshop actually captures the desired outcome in a single word.  The goal is to “shift” mindsets by providing eye-opening experiences.  It will be three days of creative thinking, business planning, and collaboration.”

On day one, facilitators will lead small groups through various exercises to challenge mental models about art, business, economics, and community.  During the second day of the workshop, the facilitators will lead team-building exercises and help the participants research, design, and plan a community-based project or event incorporating various business and creative elements.  The third day of the workshop is full of action with sessions about presentation preparation and action planning.  Then, each team will present their project or event plan to a team of local judges who can assist in jumpstarting the project or event through networking or financial sponsorships.

Customer Experience Specialist Nelvin Cecil Howell says, “We want a diverse group of people to sign up to participate.  Every participant will bring their own background and mindset based on their personnel and professional experiences.  The facilitators then will work to encourage collaboration between the worlds of creativity and business.  These don’t have to be separate worlds.  In reality, when they work together, incredible outcomes are likely.”

To register for the event and pay the $30 registration fee, visit  The deadline to register is October 18.  Since space is limited, please register early.  Also, each participant is asked to commit to all three days of the workshop.  The workshop dates are as follows: 

  • Thursday, November 7 from 3 until 7 p.m. at the Robert Cherry Civic Center
  • Friday, November 8 from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the Robert Cherry Civic Center
  • Saturday, November 9 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Paducah City Hall.

our cultureFor more information about the Shift Workshop through the AIR Institute including detailed workshop agendas for each of the three days and projects that have been implemented through Shift Workshops in other areas, visit

If you have a question, contact the Customer Experience Department at 270-444-8800. 

Bringing the Shift Workshop to Paducah is an action tied to Our Culture and the Performance Area, Creative Industries, as outlined in Paducah’s Strategic Plan.  The outcome for Action Item A-2 is to recognize, promote, and encourage creative industry growth.  To learn more, visit