Teens Arrested for Burglarizing Vacant Home

Time: 6:29 p.m.
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Location: 1900 block of Jackson Street, Paducah
Suspects: Caitlin J. Reid, 18, of the 3200 block of Monroe Street; Ethan J. Cagle, 18, of the 3600 block of Marlborough Way; and Jessica A. Seilheimer, 19, of the 3200 block of Monroe Street, arrested on charges of second-degree burglary

Three teen-agers were arrested after they broke into a vacant home in the 1900 block of Jackson Street and did extensive damage to the interior.

Heather Alexander called police at 6:29 p.m. Tuesday after she discovered her rental home had been broken into. Officers said the refrigerator and stove were overturned, holes were knocked in walls and windows were broken. Water was turned on and left running, flooding the utility room area. Damage was estimated at $5,000.

An investigation by Officer Josh Bryant led to charges against Caitlin J. Reid, Ethan J. Cagle and Jessica A. Seilheimer, all of whom were arrested Wednesday and booked into McCracken County Regional Jail.