Temporary Lowering of Lake Gerry B. Montgomery for Repairs to Drainage Structure

Date of release:  September 28, 2018

project location mapPictured:  Yellow star is at location of drainage structure project at the north side of Lake Gerry B. Montgomery.  Other pictures show erosion situation and sinking of roadway.

Beginning today, the elevation of Lake Gerry B. Montgomery at Noble Park will be lowered approximately two feet to facilitate repairs to a drainage structure.  The lowering of the lake will allow repairs to be made to the outflow structure on the north side of the lake.  The repair work tentatively is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3.  The work is expected to last approximately one day which will require the closing of the loop road and a rerouting of traffic in the vicinity of the work zone. 

The problem that crews will be addressing is a leaking drainage structure adjacent to the roadway.  Due to the leaking and infiltration of sediment, a portion of the roadway surface is sinking.  To correct the situation, crews will line the drainage structure with a polymeric lining system.  This lining system, which is sprayed in layers onto the existing features, has many long-term advantages including the filling of voids, eroded areas, and missing pipe joints.  It also will coat and protect any exposed rebar from future corrosion.

Once the work is completed, Lake Gerry B. Montgomery will be returned to its normal elevation.


barricade next to roadcloseup of roadway erosion