Using Camera to Reduce Accidents at Busy Intersection

camera viewDate: Friday, August 19, 2016
Location: Kentucky Oaks Mall, Paducah

Over the next several days, the Paducah Police Department will be implementing a new way to try to reduce accidents and traffic congestion at one of the city’s busiest intersections.

The police department has placed its NetVision 360 camera system at the intersection and will be using “real-time” video to catch traffic violators. Of particular interest are those drivers who are heading west and turning left onto James Sanders Boulevard next to Panera Bread – rather, those who are running the red light to turn left.

The camera will monitor that left-turn light, and the traffic turning left. Officers can monitor the camera feed from their cruisers and stop vehicles that turn left after the light turns red.

The point of this enforcement effort, said Officer Brian Kopischke, “is to cut down on the number of people running the light and ultimately the number of accidents at that intersection. It also should help the congestion in the eastbound lanes caused when people are not able to proceed when their light turns green because of the people running the turn light.”

Capt. Anthony Copeland stressed that this is not a traffic camera – no tickets will be sent through the mail.

setting up camera