Parks and Facilities

Paducah has more than two dozen parks and facilities for the public to enjoy.  Some of the park shelters and facilities can be reserved for private use.  For details, visit Shelter and Facility Reservations.  For details about Parks & Recreation ordinances, visit Chapter 70 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.  The City of Paducah invites the public to use the public parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas for their recreational purposes in compliance with the Kentucky Recreational Use Statute  (KRS 411.190).  The Parks & Recreation Director or designee has the authority to close parks or park areas. Scroll down for a list of parks, facilities, and amenities.


Recreational Facilities and Buildings   

Anna Baumer Community Center (at Noble Park)
Arts & Crafts Building (at Noble Park)
Disc Golf Course (18-hole course at Stuart Nelson Park)
Dog Park (at Stuart Nelson Park)
Greenway Trail
Noble Park Pool
Ohio River Boat Launch
Paducah-McCracken County Senior Center (1400 H.C. Mathis Drive)
Paducah Recreation Center (1527 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive)
Parks and Recreation Offices and Classrooms (1400 H.C. Mathis Drive)
Paducah Transient Boat Dock

Robert Cherry Civic Center (2701 Park Avenue)
Skatepark (at Noble Park)
Sprayground (at Robert Coleman Park)

Parks and Golf Courses

Paducah offers several parks with Noble Park being the largest and most utilized with its pool, skatepark, amphitheater, lake, ball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, greenway trail access, and playgrounds.  Other large parks include Stuart Nelson Park with its ball fields, disc golf course, and greenway trail access and Brooks Stadium Park with its beautiful stadium.  Paducah Parks & Recreation also is involved with Paxton Park municipal golf course overseen by the Paxton Park Golf Commission.

Albert Jones Park (Henry Clay Park) (855 Joe Bryan Drive)
Brooks Stadium Park  (2400 Brooks Stadium Drive)
Caldwell Park  (1401 Park Avenue)
Dolly McNutt Memorial Plaza-City Hall Square (301 South 5th Street)
Greenway Trail
Independence Park (114 Forest Circle)
Keiler Park  (2900 Broadway)
Kolb Park (1650 S. 6th Street)
Lang Park (also called Circle Park, 350 Fountain Avenue)
Langstaff Park (Betsy Ross Park)  (1400 Langstaff Avenue)
LowerTown Texaco Park (in LowerTown Arts District)
Market Square Art Park (119 Market House Square)

Midtown Park (1122 Adams Street)
Noble Park (2801 Park Avenue)
Oak Grove Cemetery (1613 Park Avenue)
Ohio River Boat Launch
Pat & Jim Brockenborough Rotary Health Park (421 North 13th Street)
Paxton Park Golf Course (841 Berger Road)
Perkins Creek Nature Preserve
Riverfront Park (downstream from Schultz Park)
Robert Coleman Park (Blackburn Park) (1100 Walter Jetton Blvd)
Schultz Park  (200 N. Water Street)
Stuart Nelson Park  (175 Stuart Nelson Park Road)
Voor Park  (1203 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive)

Undeveloped Parks

Cherry Park - This is a small, undeveloped park in a residential setting located at the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Wedgewood Place.

Floodwall Right-of-Way Trail - This is the section of the floodwall levee on the south side of Paducah that has not been turned into a greenway trail yet.

Forrest Cove - This is a small, undeveloped park in a residential setting located at the intersection of Forrest Cove and Forrest Avenue.

Island Creek Sanctuary - This is a water retention area located at 1501 South 9th Street.

Parks and facilities