Public Informational Meeting on December 15 for Broadway/Jefferson Street Conversion and Buffered Bike Lane Project

Date of release: December 7, 2016

A public informational meeting will be Thursday, December 15 from 5 until 7 p.m. in the lobby of the Julian Carroll Convention Center located at 415 Park Avenue.  The meeting will have an open house format for citizens to ask questions and learn more about the proposed Broadway/Jefferson Street Conversion and Buffered Bike Lane Project.  Interested citizens are encouraged to attend at any time during those hours.

The meeting is an opportunity to share information about the proposed conversion of Broadway and Jefferson Streets to two-way, the study of the signalized intersections on Broadway and Jefferson Street, and the addition of bike lanes on sections of Broadway and Jefferson Street.

City of Paducah staff and representatives from HDR Engineering, Inc. will be available to provide information on the project, answer questions, and receive comments.  Maps of the proposed project area will be on display.  There will be no formal presentation as the engineering project is in its infancy.  Comment cards will be provided for attendees. 

City Manager Jeff Pederson says, “Elements of this project have been discussed for several years including recommendations in the Renaissance Area Master Plan (RAMP) from 2012 and by Jeff Speck when he visited Paducah in 2014.  The information gathered in this engineering contract including the completed striping plan, the engineering study, and the projected costs will be used by the Paducah Board of Commissioners to make future decisions.”

Planning Director Steve Ervin says, “This meeting is an opportunity for the public to learn about the project and to share comments, questions, and suggestions with us.  Everyone is encouraged to review the maps and graphics and talk with people working on the project.”

In September, the Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a $63,000 contract for professional services with HDR Engineering, Inc. to prepare a signing and marking plan in addition to the preparation of a signal and warrant study for all intersections. The project will address vehicle connectivity to the downtown core as well as bicycle connectivity from downtown Paducah to Noble Park.  Specifically, the HDR contract includes

  • Determining the requirements for the conversion of Broadway and Jefferson Street from one-way to two-way from Fountain Ave. to Water Street.
  • Study how the project will impact parking and striping and study unloading/loading strategies. Perform a signal warrant study at 3rd and Jefferson Street to see if a signal is necessary.
  • Perform signal warrant studies on sections of Broadway and Jefferson Street to see if the existing signals can be converted to four-way stops.
  • Add two-way bike lanes on a section of Jefferson including the determination of the location for the western termini between 28th Street and Central Avenue and the location for the eastern termini between 19th Street and Fountain Avenue. 
  • Study a future connection of the two-way bike lanes from Jefferson Street to Noble Park.
  • Add a one-way bike lane on either 19th Street or Fountain Avenue to connect Jefferson Street to Broadway.
  • Add an east bound bike lane on Broadway from either 19th Street or Fountain Avenue to 7th Street.
  • Add a west bound bike lane on Jefferson Street from Water Street to either Fountain Avenue or 19th Street.

For those unable to attend the public informational meeting, comments can be submitted by email to Steve Ervin at or by phone at 270-444-8690.