General Investigations Unit

About the General Investigations Unit

The General Investigations Unit (GIU) is responsible for investigating felony cases ranging from larcenies to homicides. The unit's primary responsibility is investigating serious crimes against persons and large scale property crimes. The unit also conducts applicant background investigations and is involved in various community activities such as mentoring and working with victim advocates. 

The job of a detective requires an increased understanding of legal issues such as search and seizure. Because of the small size of Paducah's General Investigations Unit, our detectives do it all. They process crime scenes, write search warrants, submit evidence to the crime lab, investigate cases, conduct interviews, and present the evidence to the prosecutor and the court. To stay current with the advances in technology, the unit has undergone training in Internet Crimes Against Children programs and forensic computer examinations in which detectives examine computers for forensic evidence of all types. 

In 2022, the Unit investigated 263 cases with a clearance rate of 83%.

Contact the General Investigations Unit

The unit led by the Assistant Chief of Support Services. To reach the GIU office, call 270-444-8553. 

Digital Forensics Unit

In 2011, the Paducah Police Department was established as one of five satellite laboratories in Kentucky through a partnership with the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) at the University of Louisville. The RCFL is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local and state law enforcement agencies aimed at streamlining the examination processes associated with digital evidence. Paducah's Digital Forensics Unit conducts forensic investigations on computers, cell phones, and other digital media for the Paducah Police Department and for other law enforcement agencies in western Kentucky.