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In October 2023, the City of Paducah launched an informational and awareness campaign called Considerate & Kind Paducah. This campaign includes social media posts, informational news releases, and advertising to bring awareness to various city ordinances and to encourage ways to build a community that is considerate of each other.

Communications Manager Pam Spencer said, “Working in city government, the elected officials and staff receive numerous comments, ideas, and complaints from the public on a variety of quality of life topics ranging from excessive noise to picking up after pets. In researching other communities and organizations that have worked to address similar quality of life elements, I found that the public relations initiative focused on awareness and encouraged being kind and considerate. It almost sounds too simple, but that’s the beauty of it. If we are being considerate, then many issues disappear.”

Informational Topics and Codes

General Information

As the Considerate & Kind Paducah campaign continues, check this page often. Informational posts and links to Paducah's Code of Ordinances will be posted below.

Stormwater Drainage, Water Quality, Litter, and Picking Up After Pets


The first month of the Considerate & Kind Paducah campaign focused on stormwater drainage and water quality, leaf collection and Paducah 311, litter, and picking up after pets. Paducah has approximately 6600 storm inlets and more than 170 miles of sewer systems that accept stormwater flow. 

Mayor George Bray said, “Paducah is a river city uniquely situated at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. But this unique location also means that we need to be good stewards of the water that flows into these bodies of water. By joining together to reduce litter, pick up after our pets, and eliminate debris in the gutters and drainage systems, the community will benefit with enhanced stormwater flow, a reduction in contaminants in the drainage system, and an aesthetically pleasing environment. Being a more Considerate & Kind Paducah will bring all of us a sense of satisfaction, but more than that, it will help us become a more beautiful and environmentally healthy city.”

Social Media Posts

Stormwater Drainage (October 18, 2023)  As we work together to be a more Considerate & Kind Paducah, improve stormwater flow and help maintain our local streets by keeping leaves, litter, grass clippings, and weeds out of the gutters and drainage areas. We have approximately 6600 storm inlets! Keeping debris out of the streets also improves their safety for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Paducah Code 42-47(h)(1)

Bagging Leaves | 311 Service Requests (October 26, 2023)  Bagging leaves will prevent them from clogging stormwater inlets. Plus, we use the leaves at our Compost Facility. Once you have bags of leaves (or other service requests), contact the City through the 311 app or online portal. This is a great way to work together as a Considerate & Kind Paducah. Paducah Code 42-47(h)(1)

Protect Water Quality (November 1, 2023)  Fall is a popular time of year to fertilize yards. However, be Considerate & Kind to the environment and our waterways by reducing the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. These chemicals get into our drainage systems and ultimately the rivers. Also, properly dispose of chemicals (such as at the annual City-County Spring Clean Up Day) to protect the environment and wildlife. Paducah Code 42-52

Pick Up After Pets (November 7, 2023)  When it rains, stormwater runoff carries dirt, garbage, fertilizer, yard debris, motor oil, chemicals, and pet waste to our storm sewer systems, streams, and rivers. As we work to be a more Considerate & Kind Paducah, be sure to pick up after your pet! Your neighbor will appreciate it. Plus, when pet waste (which contains bacteria) ends up in water bodies, it impacts oxygen levels and causes excessive growth of algae and weeds – not good for the water quality! Paducah Code 14-35(b)

Properly Dispose of Cigarette Butts (November 14, 2023)  As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, help eliminate litter on our streets and in our waterways by properly disposing of cigarette butts. Most cigarette filters are actually made of plastic fibers (cellulose acetate)! Paducah Code 42-47(b)

Related Codes

Link to Code of Ordinances

Sweeping of Litter into Gutters (Paducah Code of Ordinances 42-47(h)(1)) The code is as follows: (h)Sweeping litter into gutters. (1)No person shall sweep into or deposit in any gutter, street or other public place within the City the accumulation of litter from any building or lot or from any public or private sidewalk or driveway. Persons owning or occupying property shall keep the sidewalk in front of their premises free of litter.

Throwing Litter from Vehicles (Paducah Code of Ordinances 42-47(i)) The code is as follows: (i)Throwing litter from vehicle. No person, while a driver or passenger in a vehicle, shall throw or deposit litter upon any street or other public place within the City, or upon private property.

Illicit Discharges (Paducah Code of Ordinances 42-52) This section of code is intended to protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City by declaring illicit discharges into the storm sewer system to be nuisances, and more specifically: (1)To protect and enhance the water quality of watercourses and water bodies in a manner pursuant to and consistent with the Federal Clean Water Act by prohibiting non-stormwater discharges and connection to the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), collectively called stormwater conveyance system. (2) To prohibit illicit discharges and connections to the MS4. (3)To establish legal authority to carry out all inspection, surveillance and monitoring, and enforcement procedures necessary to ensure compliance with this section.

Sanitary Disposal of Dog Feces (Paducah Code of Ordinances 14-35) The code is as follows: (a)It shall be unlawful for the owner or person in charge of a dog to permit such animal to excrete feces on school grounds, city parks, sidewalks or other public property, or on any private property other than that of the owner or person in charge or control of the dog without the permission of the owner of said property unless the owner or person in control of the dog immediately removes all feces deposited by the dog and disposes of same in a sanitary manner. (b)It shall be unlawful for any person to place animal feces in storm sewers or upon the property of another or to dispose of such feces in any manner except by depositing it in a toilet or a covered, fly-tight container normally used for garbage.

Eliminating Nuisance Items


For January and February 2024, the campaign is focusing on eliminating and properly storing items that could present themselves as a nuisance or even a personal health or environmental danger. These items range in size from the proper disposal of prescription medications to eliminating an inoperable vehicle from a property.

Mayor George Bray said, “A popular New Year’s resolution is to get organized and declutter. Once we emerge from the colder weather, making sure our properties are picked up by getting rid of no longer needed or broken items helps us emit a greater pride in our homeplace. From a City of Paducah perspective, this New Year’s resolution could apply to neighborhoods and individual properties. Decluttering could mean making sure yards and alleys are picked up and getting rid of items such as an abandoned or inoperable car on your property that could be considered a neighborhood nuisance. When we commit ourselves to cleaning up our properties and ensuring larger items are properly stored or eliminated, neighborhoods are more attractive, and you are more considerate of your neighbors. If you require assistance in any way, the city is willing to introduce you to agencies that may be able to assist.”

Social Media Posts

Proper Disposal of Medications (January 25, 2024)  As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, properly disposing of prescription medications protects the community by ridding homes of potentially dangerous, expired, or no longer needed drugs and by preventing pills from getting into the wrong hands. Proper disposal also protects our water quality since these medications will not enter our water bodies. The Paducah Police Department provides a year-round drop box located in the Department’s lobby at 1400 Broadway. The box is accessible during normal business hours. Police will properly destroy the medication. Only pills and patches are accepted. Liquids, needles, and sharps are not accepted. Free and anonymous service.

Proper Storage or Disposal of Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles (February 1, 2024)  Neighborhood beautification - protecting the environment – charitable donation. These results are from properly storing or getting rid of an abandoned or inoperable vehicle. As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, we are providing a list of frequently asked questions and options as you work to get rid of a no longer needed vehicle. Several charities will accept them!

Proper Storage or Disposal of Junked Appliances (February 8, 2024)  As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, when you have an old appliance such as a stove or washing machine, store it indoors or out of sight until it can be disposed of properly.  Those items are accepted at Spring Clean Up Day in April. Call Public Works (270-444-8511) to learn more about disposal options.

Removing Garbage Rollouts after Collection (February 15, 2024)  As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, keep neighborhood streets attractive by removing garbage containers from curbside/streetside after garbage collection. Rollouts may be placed at the pickup point the evening before the scheduled service. 

Removing Rubbish from Property (February 22, 2024)  As a Considerate & Kind Paducah, properly disposing of garbage prevents it from blowing into the streets or a neighbors yard. Also, eliminating unneeded materials and garbage will reduce the danger of attracting insects or rodents.

Resources and City of Paducah Codes

Prescriptions - Regarding the proper disposal of expired or no longer needed prescription medications, the Paducah Police Department provides a year-round drop box located in the Department’s lobby at 1400 Broadway. The box is accessible during normal business hours. No information is requested, and the police department will properly destroy the medication. 

Nuisance Items - Several nuisance items are addressed in Chapter 42 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.