Current Projects


Read the City's fiscal year budget, budget letter from the City Manager, and other information.

Commission Priorities

Read about the Commission Priorities as adopted by the Paducah Board of Commissioners.

Curbside Recycling

Sign up for the voluntary, curbside recycling program for residential customers.

Development Projects in the Community

  • Learn about the Barkley Regional Airport Terminal Project, a more than $40 million economic development investment through the construction of a new airport terminal.
  • Learn about the City Block Project, a significant investment in Paducah's downtown by Weyland Ventures.
  • Learn about The Dunlap, a project by the Marian Group to breathe new life into the Walter Jetton Middle School building at 401 Walter Jetton Boulevard.
  • Learn about the Friendship Road/KY 1286 project in McCracken County and Paducah's support for the rehabilitation of this major McCracken County corridor.

Greenway Trail

Keep up with the the growth of the Greenway Trail which currently extends more than 5 miles.

Paducah Main Street

Find out what is going on in Paducah's historic district by following the Paducah Main Street news.

Parks Master Plan

See what the Parks & Recreation Department will be focusing on by learning about the Parks Master Plan that was adopted in 2020.

Riverfront Development Project - BUILD Grant

Monitor the progress of the redevelopment of Paducah's riverfront.  Plus, learn about the Paducah Transient Boat Dock.

Robert Cherry Civic Center Renovation Project

The Paducah Board of Commissioners has approved moving forward with renovating the 9377 square foot Robert Cherry Civic Center located at 2701 Park Avenue.

Stormwater Master Plan Projects

Stay informed regarding the City's development of a Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan.  Read summaries of current projects including the Buckner Lane Bridge Replacement Project.

Tax Increment Financing and City Block Project

Learn about the benefits of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and the City Block project.