City Commission Meeting Highlights - January 23, 2024

Date of Release: 
January 23, 2024


FY2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Presentation

Finance Director Jonathan Perkins and David Hampton of Kemper CPA Group, LLP provided an overview of the City’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report which includes the City audit. The audit is required by State law; however, the Report is a voluntary document that the City prepares to provide additional information and transparency to the public.  The report is for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2023. The audit states that there are no findings of deficiencies related to the financial statements. For 32 consecutive years, Paducah has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA).  

To learn more about Paducah’s finances, Perkins suggests reading the following two documents:

Perkins added a comparison of revenues and expenditures from the City’s main operating fund, the General Fund, for the past three years to show the good financial management by the City and growth in revenue. Perkins said revenues are solid and trending in the positive direction. For FY2023, revenue exceeded city expenditures by nearly $4.5 million.


Paducah Public Schools Community Schools Grant Presentation

Community Schools Director Allen Treece for Paducah Public Schools outlined the Community Schools grant and his role in this new position for the school district. Treece was named Community Schools Director late last year with the position funded through a grant from the Prichard Committee’s Kentucky Community Schools Initiative. The goal is to boost education and economic well-being outcomes. Treece said the program will work to get the community involved, review current educational programs, and look at ways to reduce or remove educational barriers for our students. Twenty school districts including Paducah Independent and McCracken County are included in this initiative. Treece says Morgan Elementary and Paducah Tilghman High School will be the focus schools for Paducah. Treece explained that the first in a series of community meetings to help support both the McCracken County and Paducah Public schools will be in February.

Treece also discussed a proposed partnership with the City to bring back work-based learning through the summer youth program. David Anderson attended the meeting and talked about the impact the Summer Youth Program had on him as a youth.


Resolution Supporting Nuclear Ready Community

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a resolution affirming the Commission’s support, endorsement, and assistance to the future reindustrialization of the Department of Energy (DOE) site. Commissioner Buz Smith abstained from the vote due to being employed by DOE. The resolution also establishes the local community as nuclear-ready and eager to welcome nuclear power development or other forms of nuclear economic development to the region. The Paducah Area of Chamber of Commerce has received a grant from the DOE for a reindustrialization study for the site.


Paducah Sports Park Construction Documents Approval

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved the 95 percent construction documents for the Paducah Sports Park and authorized Peck Flannery Gream Warren (PFGW) to advertise a request for bids for construction once the documents reach the 100 percent mark. At the January 9 City Commission meeting, Architect Jeff Canter with PFGW and Chair Jim Dudley with the McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission presented the documents to the City Commission. As outlined in the interlocal agreement, the City Commission and Fiscal Court had 20 days to approve the release of the documents to bid. The McCracken County Fiscal Court approved the documents at its meeting held last night.

The outdoor sports complex, the Paducah Sports Park, will be constructed at the former Bluegrass Downs site and Stuart Nelson Park. After the bidding process and the one-year construction period, the goal is for the facility to open in 2025. Learn more by visiting Paducah Sports Park.  


Solid Waste Rates Changes Effective July 1

At the previous City Commission Meeting and last October, Director of Public Works Chris Yarber discussed an implementation plan for solid waste rate increases for residential and commercial customers. At this meeting, the Board approved the rates with increases effective July 1, 2024. Most of the fee increases will be phased-in over a two-year period. After that, fee increases will be tied to the Consumer Price Index as reported each January by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Garbage and Trash Collections.

Currently, a residential customer with one garbage container pays a monthly fee of $16.50. That fee has been in place since June 2008. With the phased-in approach, this July, the fee will increase to $21.00 per month with a monthly recycling fee reduced to $1.50. In July 2025, the fee will increase to $26.50 per month with recycling included in that fee. Commercial customers will see fee increases as well.


Contract Extension for Dog Parks Relocation Project

Due to weather delays, the contractor who received the contract for the relocation of the dog parks to Noble Park has requested a contract extension which was approved by the Paducah Board of Commissioners at this meeting. Last November, the City authorized a contract with Evrard Company, Inc. The Notice to Proceed was issued December 7, and work began December 15. Due to the weather conditions, Evrard is requesting an additional 30 calendar days with a new substantial completion date of March 6. Furthermore, due to manufacturing delays for the two shelters that will be installed in the dog parks, the new final completion date is now April 5, 2024.

This project relocates the current dog parks at Stuart Nelson Park to Noble Park since the Paducah Sports Park will use a portion of Stuart Nelson Park. The intention is to have the new dog parks open prior to the closing of the Stuart Nelson Park dog parks. McCracken County will fund a portion of the dog park relocation project based upon the interlocal agreement approved in 2022. The dog parks will be constructed adjacent to the Anna Baumer building behind the amphitheater. This area, which is similar in size to the current dog parks, has natural shade and open running space for dogs. Plus, it is secluded from Lake Montgomery and associated waterfowl. In addition to the dog parks, this project will include roadway improvements into that section of Noble Park, paved parking areas, and pedestal water fountains.


Boards and Commissions

  • Reappointment of Edward Hely to the Electric Plant Board.
  • Appointment of Mark Anderson to the Paducah Civic Beautification Board.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Mayor George Bray presented a Duke of Paducah to Jonathon Pendergrass who works as the Paducah Career Center’s Regional Program Manager.
  • Municipal Order approved for a Fleet Maintenance Service Agreement between Paducah’s Fleet Division and the Ballard County Fiscal Court. Fleet will provide maintenance services to Ballard’s vehicles at hourly rates.
  • Municipal Order approved for a contract with AssetWorks, Inc. for work order, inventory, and asset management software.
  • Municipal Order approved for a contract amendment with Tyler, Inc.
  • Municipal Order approved to apply for the Kentucky Highway Safety Grant requesting $41,000 for overtime pay and moving radars for traffic safety initiatives through the Police Department.
  • Municipal Order approved to adopt the Purchase Area Development District Regional Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2023 Update.
  • Ordinance approved accepting the final plat of subdivision for Woodland Property on Pines, LLC. This ordinance also accepts the Irrevocable Letter of Credit as surety for the completion of the public improvements which includes sidewalks and underground utilities. The project is near River Oaks Boulevard and includes 16 lots with two townhomes to be constructed on each lot.
  • City Manager Daron Jordan reminded the Board and public of the joint City and County meeting that will be held this Thursday at 5 p.m. at City Hall. The governmental bodies will be discussing the joint Comprehensive Plan.