City Commission Meeting Highlights - June 27, 2023

Date of Release: 
June 27, 2023

Special Presentations from Mayor George Bray

  • Mayor Bray presented a Duke of Paducah award to long-time Paducah Civic Beautification Board and Tree Advisory Board member Henry Barbour. The Civic Beautification Board requested this honor for Barbour for his 18 years of service on Civic Beautification. After service in the U.S. Navy, Barbour obtained a master’s degree from the Yale University School of Forestry. He worked as a research forester for Westvaco in Wickliffe.
  • Mayor Bray presented the Mayor’s Award of Excellence to Michael Cochran. Cochran serves as Executive Director of Market House Theatre. On June 16, Cochran received national recognition, the American Association of Community Theatre’s Distinguished Merit Award. This award recognizes Cochran’s contributions to develop the highest standards for community theatre. Cochran is in his 39th year with Market House Theatre. Mayor Bray also presented a letter of commendation to April Cochran for her distinguished career working with youth and the theatre. Mayor Bray said, “You have been an impactful mentor for a multitude of students over the years instilling confidence, teamwork, and pride.” 


Southside Neighborhoods Initiative – Housing and Economic Programs

The Board approved an ordinance creating new sections of Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 34 for Southside incentives. The incentives include Business Improvement Grants for beautification and roof stabilization, Home Repair Microgrants, and Home Rehabilitation and New Construction Grants. The Planning Department is preparing application materials for the community.


Oak Grove Cemetery Updates

The Board approved an ordinance replacing Chapter 26 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances regarding cemeteries. At a previous meeting, the Board approved an updated fee schedule effective July 1 for city-owned Oak Grove Cemetery and the Mausoleum. Several of the code updates are necessary to reflect current operations while other changes are to match State statues. From the public’s perspective, the main changes to the Code are as follows:

  • With the exception of service animals, dogs, cats, and other animals are not permitted on cemetery grounds unless confined to a vehicle.
  • Benches are no longer permitted as monuments. Existing benches will remain until such time it is determined that replacement is necessary. Then, the bench will be replaced with an approved monument.
  • Services will no longer be permitted on Sundays and holidays.
  • Updated fees will be $550 per grave plot and $6000-$7500 per mausoleum crypt.


Dog Park Relocation Project

The Board approved a municipal order for the proposed budget for the relocation of dog parks from Stuart Nelson Park to Noble Park. Per the interlocal cooperation agreement for the development of the outdoor sports complex, the City and County must approve the projected budget for the construction of the dog parks. The sports complex project will fund the pre-construction estimate in the amount of $278,424. The City will be responsible for additional amenities including road improvements, paved parking areas, and water fountains. The City will be issuing the request for proposals for the dog park project. Earlier this year, the City approved relocating the dog parks from Stuart Nelson Park to Noble Park adjacent to the Anna Baumer Building.


Entertainment Destination Center Amendment

The Board introduced an ordinance to amend Paducah Code of Ordinances Section 6-62 related to the Entertainment Destination Center (EDC). The City of Paducah created the EDC in 2021 in a section of downtown to allow patrons to carry alcoholic beverages in EDC-branded cups in the public areas of the designated EDC area. House Bill 237, which becomes effective July 1, amends the state law to allow those alcoholic beverages to be taken into non-licensed businesses in the EDC such as retail stores. Since the City of Paducah is the official EDC license-holder, this amendment requires businesses that choose to allow EDC cups on their premises to first request permission from the City. Once approved by the City, the business will be provided an EDC Friendly window decal that shows EDC cups are allowed in the business. Businesses are not required to allow EDC cups in their establishment.


Grant Information

  • Municipal order approved accepting the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives Local Records Program Grant in the amount of $46,000. The funds will be used to assist in the organizing and storing digitally Paducah Fire Prevention Division records.
  • Municipal order approved accepting the National Park Service – River, Trails, and Conversation Assistance Program Technical Assistance Grant. Through this grant, National Park Service staff will assist the City with the design of additional Greenway Trail sections, an urban bike loop plan, and preparations for the possible application to become a designated Kentucky Trail Town.
  • Municipal order approved accepting the 2023 Kentucky 911 Services Board Grant in the amount of $8,827. These funds will be used to purchase professional GIS services.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the U.S. Department of Transportation Safe Streets and Roads for All grant application requesting $6.76 million. The City of Paducah, in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Paducah Public Schools, is proposing the redesign of the Buckner Lane/Broadway Street and Lone Oak Rd/Labelle Ave intersection with improvements to 32nd Street and Buckner Lane to better accommodate traffic flow.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Paducah-McCracken County Joint Sewer Agency (JSA) Executive Director John Hodges gave an update on JSA’s current and upcoming projects and the upcoming rate adjustment.
  • Municipal Order approved authorizing Peck Flannery Gream Warren to release a request for proposals for the selective demolition of an exterior building and interior sections of the former Bluegrass Downs grandstand to prepare the site for the Outdoor Sports Complex project.
  • Municipal Order approved to accept premiums from the Kentucky League of Cities for Workers’ Compensation, Liability Insurance, and Property Insurance coverage.
  • Municipal Orders approved for the declaration and sale of surplus property located at 1240 and 1242 North 12th Street.
  • Ordinance approved amending Paducah Code of Ordinances Chapter 2. This amendment is based on the passage of House Bill 522 which is effective July 1 that amends KRS 45A.385. This increases the dollar threshold that triggers the requirement to use competitive bidding from $30,000 to $40,000.
  • Ordinance approved amending the current fiscal year budget to move $650,000 from the Investment Fund’s reserve to be used for improvements to city facilities.
  • Ordinance introduced to authorize the closing of more than 33,000 square feet of Old Coleman Road between 3200, 3204, and 3226 Coleman Road.