City Commission Meeting Highlights - March 12, 2024

Date of Release: 
March 12, 2024

Note: Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Wilson was unable to attend this meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Wilson is attending an Energy Communities Alliance Board of Directors meeting on behalf of Paducah.


Mayor’s Opening Remarks

Mayor George Bray stated that he had received a message from Sen. Rand Paul offering his sincere condolences to the community regarding the recent death of Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director Mary Hammond. Mayor Bray mentioned that several community projects are underway to honor Hammond including the planting of dogwoods and the development of a floodwall mural.


Fire Department Feasibility Study Presentation

Fire Chief Steve Kyle, Eric Chambers with Brandstetter Carroll, Inc., and Michael Hogan with Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) provided an overview of the Paducah Fire Department Feasibility Study. In November 2022, the City authorized the study to analyze existing fire stations, study facility space needs, provide an opinion of probable costs, and analyze staffing levels and organizational processes by looking at national standards and best practices.

The Paducah Fire Department has five stations built between 1954 and 1980. Each of the stations has a need for upgrades and enhancements with an estimated cost of maintenance and upgrades at more than $3.59 million. The average renovation cost for a fire station could be up to $450 per square foot with new construction costs up to $850 per square foot.

The feasibility study also reviewed the City of Paducah’s growth and response times in an effort to present a variety of fire station configurations which include adding stations, moving stations, and/or combining stations. The model shows that Fire Station 4 located at 3189 Jackson Street is in an ideal location while the model shows the other stations could be placed in different locations to improve the percentage of the city that can be reached in a four-minute response time.

The feasibility study provided several recommendations regarding Fire Department staffing. A few of the recommendations include adding a code enforcement officer and increasing operational staffing to accommodate the nearly 24,000 hours that need to be filled annually for vacations, vacancies, and other leave.

Mayor Bray thanked the team for the thorough information and that it will be useful in making future decisions.


Contract for Demolition of Building at 1501 Broadway (Katterjohn Building)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for a contract with Complete Demolition Services, LLC for the demolition of the main building at 1501 Broadway which is also known as the Katterjohn Building. The City received five responsive bids for the project with Complete Demolition of Carrolton, Georgia, providing the lowest, responsive bid. Earlier this year, the city worked with a contractor to complete the abatement of asbestos from the city-owned building. The City will also work with the contractor to save most of the trees on the site. The City purchased the deteriorated building in 2023 after previous owners had failed to properly maintain the structure. After this approval, the contractor will need to obtain a Demolition Permit from the Fire Department with the complete demolition and clearing of the lot to a mowable state within 45 days of the demolition permit.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Human Resources Director Stefanie Wilcox introduced Daisha Johnson to the Board. Johnson has been hired to serve as Diversity Specialist.
  • Mayor Bray presented a proclamation to Dylan Dixon with NeuroRestorative proclaiming March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Artwork currently is on display at City Hall which is created by NeuroRestorative clients.
  • Reappointment of Ashlea McMillan and appointment of Michael Cochran to the Creative & Cultural Council.
  • Reappointment of Bob Turok to the Paducah-McCracken County Industrial Development Authority.
  • Municipal Order approved for the purchase of rollout containers, lids, and replacement parts from Toter, Inc.
  • Municipal Order approved for a contract amendment with Tyler Technologies to add Capital Project Explorer and Open Finance software modules.
  • Municipal Order approved authorizing the City Manager to release a request for bids for a natural gas franchise.
  • Municipal Order approved for a contact modification with Evrard Company, Inc. for the Dog Park Relocation Project. This modification is for soil stabilization in preparation for the new roadway into the new dog park area at Noble Park.
  • City Manager Daron Jordan congratulated Assistant Director of Parks Jared Marsden for graduating this month from the National Recreation and Park Association’s Directors School.