City Commission Meeting Highlights - March 9, 2021

Date of Release: 
March 09, 2021

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Adoption of Commission Priorities and Discussion of Bond Proceeds

The Board adopted 12 priority action items for 2021.  The Board met February 5 and 6 and discussed them at the February 23 meeting.  The Commission Priorities are listed below in no particular order:

  • 911 Radio/Tower Upgrades and Operational Funding
  • Minority Inclusion
  • Downtown
  • Stormwater
  • Southside Enhancements
  • Sports Facilities - Bluegrass Downs and Stuart Nelson Park
  • Remote Workers Incentive Program
  • Communications Enhancement
  • City Facilities
  • Develop a plan for Parks & Recreation Building and Fire Station #4
  • Housing
  • Annexation/Planned Growth 

The Board discussed six potential projects for the nearly $20 million in bond proceeds.  The projects are Barkley Regional Airport Terminal, 911 Infrastructure/Funding, Outdoor Sports and Recreation Facility, Stormwater, City Facility Upgrades, and Miscellaneous Projects/Southside Enhancements.  Several of these projects are joint projects with McCracken County.

City Hall Historic Tax Credit Application

In 2017, Paducah’s City Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  This designation allows the City to apply for historic preservation tax credits through the Kentucky Heritage Council.  In 2019, the City completed a more than $4 million rehabilitation of City Hall which included roof stabilization, façade renovation, new windows and skylights, and new heating and cooling systems. The City has received approximately $192,000 in the first round of tax credits.  This action is to approve an application for a second round of tax credits.

Emergency Solutions Grant for Community Kitchen for Sheltering Costs

The Board approved applying for an Emergency Solutions Grant through the Kentucky Housing Corporation.  This grant request of $31,500 would be for Community Kitchen which has been providing hotel/motel vouchers for people needing shelter. 

Enhanced Maintenance Plan for Oak Grove Cemetery

The Paducah Parks & Recreation Department is working to improve maintenance and the community’s safety at Oak Grove Cemetery.  Staff will be reviewing the cemetery twice annually and removing items that are not permitted.  To give families more time, Parks crews will not remove any items until April 1.  Families are asked to visit burial plots this month and remove items of decoration that are not permitted.  Items not permitted at burial plots include toys, ornaments, borders, plantings, ground covers (such as stones, gravel, mulch, etc.) candles, unsecured garden benches, or fragile items such as glass.  The updated guidelines for the city-owned cemetery located at 1613 Park Avenue are posted at  Oak Grove Cemetery.  The City reviewed guidelines from other cities for consistency.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Update

Assistant City Manager Michelle Smolen updated the Board on the Enterprise Resource Planning Software Project which replaced the software system that the City had been using since 1995.  Since the kickoff of this multi-phase project in 2016, the City has completed several phases including Financials (budgeting and purchasing), Revenue, and Property Tax.  This month, the City is launching another phase using EnerGov for permitting, inspection, and code enforcement processes.  Within the next few weeks, the public will be able to use the software to submit permits online, make payments, submit a service request, and schedule inspections.

Amendment of City’s Stormwater Ordinance to Address Post-Construction Water Quality

In the latest review of the City of Paducah’s stormwater permit through the Kentucky Division of Water, the Division noted that Paducah needs to amend a section of its Code (Chapter 50, Article III) to include additional water quality treatment standards to protect the environment.  This ordinance adoption includes requirements for projects to manage the quality of the storm water runoff once construction is completed.  The overall goal is to maintain pre-development runoff conditions. 

Additional Meeting Information

  • Appointment of Jennifer Colwell and Leon Owens to the Civil Service Commission.
  • Appointment of Melinda Winchester and Greg McCord to the Historical & Architectural Review Commission (HARC).
  • Reappointment of April Cochran and Mary Katz to the Creative & Cultural Council.
  • Reappointment of Albert Parker to the Municipal Housing Commission.
  • Reappointment of Rick Loyd to the Paducah Golf Commission.
  • Appointment of J.P. Kelly, Bob Turok, and joint appointment of Keith Anderson to the Paducah-McCracken County Industrial Development Authority (IDA).
  • Municipal order approved requesting a $42,772 grant for the Police Department through the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives.  Funds would be used to digitize case files that state law requires to be stored for 80 years.
  • Ordinances introduced for alley closures as requested by adjacent property owners:  1) alley extending northwest of Irvin Cobb Drive between 2170 and 2190 Irvin Cobb Drive; and 2) alleys extending north of Kentucky Avenue between 1039 and 1041 Kentucky Avenue and between 1034 Broadway and 1039 Kentucky Avenue.
  • Ordinance introduced accepting Jim Smith Contracting’s bid for the City’s 2021 and 2022 street resurfacing projects.   
  • Ordinance introduced for the three-year contract between the City and AFSCME Local 1586 effective July 1, 2021.