Invitation to Serve on Board of Ethics

Date of Release: 
November 27, 2023

Paducah Mayor George Bray is inviting interested citizens to apply to serve on the Board of Ethics. This board has the power to initiate, receive, hear, and review complaints and hold hearings regarding possible violations of the City of Paducah ethics ordinance.

Mayor George Bray said, “At this time, the City of Paducah is reviewing its ethics ordinance and working toward becoming a Certified City of Ethics through the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC). As we work through KLC’s program, having a committed board of citizens that help us serve the public interest is more important than ever.”

Currently, 37 cities in Kentucky have been named as a KLC Certified City of Ethics. This program recognizes cities and city officials that have adopted principles and procedures that offer guidance on ethical issues and a mechanism to resolve complaints at the local level.

In June 2023, as part of KLC’s application requirements, Paducah adopted a resolution establishing the six ethics principles to govern the conduct of city officials and employees. The ethics principles are as follows:

  • Serve the public interest, not our own;
  • Fulfill the duties and responsibilities of holding public office;
  • Be ethical and professional;
  • Be fiscally responsible with the city resources;
  • Communicate effectively and respectively; and
  • Create an environment of honesty, openness, and integrity.

In October, the City of Paducah authorized an agreement with KLC which includes the reviewing and updating of Paducah’s ethics ordinance to ensure that it meets the standards set out in KRS 65.003. This process is underway with the first reading of the updated ethics ordinance set for the Tuesday, November 28 meeting of the Paducah Board of Commissioners. After the updated ordinance is approved, KLC will visit Paducah to train elected officials, the Board of Ethics, and city staff.

Only Paducah residents are permitted to serve on the Board of Ethics. Also, each board member cannot serve on another city-affiliated board. Those interested in serving on the Board of Ethics should complete the application packet by December 4. If you have a question, reach out to Assistant City Clerk Claudia Meeks at 270-444-8507 or

Application Packet for Boards and Commissions