January and February’s Considerate & Kind Paducah Campaign Focuses on Eliminating Nuisance Items

Date of Release: 
January 25, 2024

Late last year, Paducah launched an informational and awareness campaign called Considerate & Kind Paducah. This campaign includes social media posts, informational news releases, and advertising to bring awareness to various city ordinances and to encourage ways to build a community that is considerate of each other.

For January and February, the campaign is focusing on eliminating and properly storing items that could present themselves as a nuisance or even a personal health or environmental danger. These items range in size from the proper disposal of prescription medications to eliminating an inoperable vehicle from a property.

Mayor George Bray said, “A popular New Year’s resolution is to get organized and declutter. Once we emerge from the colder weather, making sure our properties are picked up by getting rid of no longer needed or broken items helps us emit a greater pride in our homeplace. From a City of Paducah perspective, this New Year’s resolution could apply to neighborhoods and individual properties. Decluttering could mean making sure yards and alleys are picked up and getting rid of items such as an abandoned or inoperable car on your property that could be considered a neighborhood nuisance. When we commit ourselves to cleaning up our properties and ensuring larger items are properly stored or eliminated, neighborhoods are more attractive, and you are more considerate of your neighbors. If you require assistance in any way, the city is willing to introduce you to agencies that may be able to assist.”

Resources and City of Paducah Codes

Prescriptions - Regarding the proper disposal of expired or no longer needed prescription medications, the Paducah Police Department provides a year-round drop box located in the Department’s lobby at 1400 Broadway. The box is accessible during normal business hours. No information is requested, and the police department will properly destroy the medication. 

Nuisance Items - Several nuisance items are addressed in Chapter 42 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances.

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